Best Christmas Movies for Guys

Most Christmas movies are sappy and cheesy. I don't think there is anything wrong with guys liking sappy and cheesy movies, I like some myself. But when you're forced to sit through sappy movie after sappy movie during the holidays it can get a little monotonous.

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That is why guys need their own list of Christmas movies. These are the qualifications for a good movie for guys:

1. Action

2. A mention of Christmas or decorations

A Christmas movie for guys doesn't actually have to be about Christmas, there doesn't have to be a Santa Claus or gifts or anything like that. As long as it is Christmas time and somebody gets their butt kicked, then it is a perfectly good Christmas movie for guys. Here are five movies that qualify as great Christmas movies for guys.

Die Hard

Die Hard is the number one action movie of all-time in my opinion. Die Hard completely changed the action genre. Of course Die Hard starts all because of Christmas. John McLane's wife and her co-workers are taken hostage by Hans Gruber during a party that takes place in their office building.

Lethal Weapon

After Die Hard was such a hit in the action genre a lot of action movies copied it in many ways, including Lethal Weapon. Thanks to Die Hard it was realized that the holidays are actually a good setting for an action movie because in the end when the hero saves the day, it's just a cherry on top that it also happens to be Christmas and the hero goes home to spend the holiday with his family.


Forget about the Red Ryder BB Gun, the best Christmas present of all time is Billy's Mogwi, Gizmo. Can the Red Ryder BB gun multiply? I don't think so. Can the Red Ryder BB Gun use a chainsaw? Nope. The Red Ryder BB Gun might shoot your eye out but Gremlins will destroy an entire city. Plus, Corey Feldman!

First Blood

The first Rambo movie is kind of a stretch when it comes to Christmas movies. There is no mention of Christmas at any time. However, it is Christmas time in the movie because there are decorations scattered about. So it counts!

Santa's Slay

Santa's Slay is the one movie for guys that is actually about Christmas, particularly Santa Claus. In this movie the legend of Santa Claus is a little bit different. Santa Claus isn't some jolly, nice guy. The only reason Santa gives out presents is because he lost a bet to an angel and the bet was that he would give out presents for 1,000 years. The 1,000 years are now over and Santa is no longer required to give out presents. Instead Santa, played by former professional wrestler Bill Goldberg, wants revenge on all the people and goes on a killing spree.