Halloween Movies: My Top 10 Picks

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Everything about the month is exciting to me. The falling leaves, the brisk fall air, the decorations in peoples front lawns, pumpkin picking, the whole nine.

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One of my favorite things to do though, besides decorating the house, is sitting down in front of the television as I skim the channels for Halloween specials.

Throughout my years I have run into quite a few awesomely scary flicks, and I decided to share my list of scary flicks that are perfect for the month of October.

1. The Midnight Hour

This is my all time favorite horror flick. In The Midnight Hour, a group of teens let loose a curse that allows the dead to rise once again. Although it may sound like a cheesy mock up of Night of The Living Dead, it's not. It truly is scary, and a great movie.

2. Nightmare On Elm Street

Who didn't fear Freddy Krueger when this movie first came out? This is a cult classic man! What is worse then knowing you could fall asleep, and have a dream turn into reality...the result is always death! Bwhahaha!

3. Dead Alive

This one is not extremely scary, it's more of a comedic look at horror, but hot damn, it's one gnarly movie. Imagine a bite from a foreign monkey that leads to people dying and coming back as rotting corpses that have the ability to breed. That's pretty much what happens in Dead Alive.

4. Fright Night

Nothing scarier than looking out your window one night, and witnessing your neighbor moving into the house next door; only he is a vampire. Tune in as Charlie the teen boy who lives next door to the vampire tries to defeat him, while attempting to win back his girlfriend who has been taken captive.

5. Creep Show

This one by Stephan King is actually a bunch of mini horror movies all thrown into one sweet Halloween title.

6. The Exorcist

What is Halloween without the exorcist? I mean really! You want a good scare, pop this one into the DVD player. This is by far the scariest movie out there in my opinion, and nothing has yet to top it. This one is about a little girl who is possessed by an evil demon.

7. Castle Freak

Not many people are aware of this awesome movie, but seriously, watch it and find out what sets it apart from every horror flick you have ever seen.

8. Dolls

I always love a good horror flick that involves evil dolls that come to life. Chucky is over rated, and not many people are aware of Dolls. See what happens to a family gets lost and has their car break down in the middle of the woods. Fear not though, there is a mansion nearby for them to seek comfort...with a few guests, big and small.

9. Little Monsters

This flick is geared more towards younger children, but it is one hell of a good movie for kids. It combines some fun scares with some comedy. Fred Savage stars in this one. A little boy who cannot stand his parents or his little brother is visited by a monster who lives under his bed. They start a friendship, and eventually the monster introduces him to his underground world filled with monsters where there are no rules, however if he stays to long; he will become one!

10. Warlock

I don't care how many people bash on The Warlock. This flick is one hell of a horror fest. The son of Satan is captured in 1691 and is about to be sentenced to die. The warlock though manages to escape into the future, where the witch hunter who captured him in 1691 is also present. It's sort of a cat and mouse type horror, but has some really surprisingly scary twists.

That's my list. I hope you enjoy these horror movies as much as I did.