Whether it is in the bathroom, kitchen or toilet, cleaning your pipes well will avoid plugs, bad smells, standing water and heavy and paying interventions by a professional. Here are a few simple things to do regularly to avoid water drainage problems.

Industrial maintenance product: practical but not economical
It is certainly the simplest method but not the most economical, nor the most ecological. There is a whole battery of chemicals (maintenance after draining, special kitchen piping, odor control, etc.) with more or less dubious promises and frightening and incomprehensible labels. In addition, not all of them are suitable for septic tanks.

You can also find an organic range without acid and soda for a slightly higher price.

Did you know ?

At each stage, from its manufacture to its use and disposal, a household product has harmful effects on the environment and on health. Caustic soda, solvents, phenol, formaldehyde… have disastrous consequences for the fauna and flora when they are found in water or in the air. And some act on our respiratory voices or our kidneys while others persist even along the food chain!

Which solution ?

Make your products yourself, like a cooking recipe, with common and natural ingredients like black soap, bicarbonate, vinegar, soda, which cost only a few euros and are versatile.

Grandma's tip: approved by generations
Fortunately, natural products are on the rise. Thanks to the magical and allied substances of your daily life, baking soda and white vinegar, you will transform the harmful chemicals of standard drain cleaners into biodegradable enzymes without harm to the environment or to your health.

Recipe # 1

Mix a measure of baking soda, a measure of coarse salt and 2 measures of white vinegar (which will produce a foam and this is normal)
Pour everything into your siphon
Leave on for a quarter of an hour
Pour a liter of boiling water
Warning: this mixture is to be used only if you have not yet poured an industrial unblocker, because you could damage your pipes.

Recipe # 2

Mix 1/3 of white vinegar, 1/3 of soda and 1/3 of salt
As before, leave to act and pour boiling water
The advantage of "homemade recipes" is that you can use the ingredients for all kinds of other operations: detaching sinks, cleaning a burnt pan, shining silver jewelry ...

High pressure washer: the strong way!
If your pipes are not yet blocked, do not wait until they are blocked before taking action! In the sink residue from meals and in the sink leftover toothpaste, hair and soap can build up and reduce water drainage.

To prevent this kind of inconvenience, using a pressure washer will save you from using chemicals that are harmful to the environment and your health. Equipped with a ferret (long metal rod whose end is furnished with small brushes) and a nozzle, your action will be all the more effective.

Good tip: if you do not have a pressure washer and you do not want to invest in this type of device, it is possible to rent it by the day for around 50 euros.

Preventive measures to maintain your pipes
To prevent residues from clogging your pipes, you and your family can take simple steps:

The first thing to do as soon as you notice a slightly longer flow than usual is to run boiling water which dilutes and dissolves the soap and grease
Regularly pouring coffee grounds into your pipes prevents them from clogging because it prevents grease from sticking to the ducts. Run water over it because if it were to harden and dry, the remedy would be worse than the disease!
Use a sink strainer: this small grid which costs less than 5 euros will retain the waste that will no longer flow into your pipes
Always collect hair that has fallen in the sink or shower and throw it in the trash instead of letting it slip into the siphon
Never pour oil or grease into the pipes. JDGOSHOP on contact with cold water and causes clogging of pipes
Empty your plates and dishes before putting them in your sink
Whether chemical, natural or mechanical, there are solutions to properly maintain your pipes. You just have to choose the one that suits you best.