20mm Alternate Shear Insert Router Bit – Solid Carbide Replacement!

We are capable to introduce our new 20MM Alternate Shear Insert Router Bit (Part No. 22006). This 2-flute, 20 mm (0. 787) size router bit is readily available inside a 30 millimeter (1. 180”) cutting size and a alternating shear cutting steps. Though not recommended intended for machining double sided components, this specific insert router little bit is ideal for perimeter & grooving applications of raw composite (MDF & Particle Board) materials, sound woods and hard to piece of equipment solutions many of these as Phenolic and especially strong surface (Avonite, Corian, Wilsonart, Formica & Swanstone).

3/4" Alternate Shear Insert Device - PN 22006
3/4″ Alternate Shear Place Instrument – PN 22006

Typically the face-mounted inserts help a large gullet area which effectively and efficiently evacuates the material chips and helps with the heat waste. This is specifically significant when machining warmth environment materials such as Phenolic and Solid Surface elements. Standard double sided inserts are utilized and depending upon the material being machined, are available in two different carbide grades. Lower your current tooling inventory plus pedaling cost substantially while increasing efficiencies with a device that offers a constant lowering diameter, cost-effective inserts, rigorous tool human body construction together with excellent surface finish results!

Alternative Shear Design - PN 22006
Change Shear Structure – PN 22006

When it comes to machining thicker materials so when a bigger diameter is tolerable, often the series No. 22006 alternate between shear insert router tad is an ideal choice to the 3/4″ strong carbide compression bit.

Two-Flute Data compresion Router Little bit with Inversible Inserts ~ 6243 Set

Having our 6243 Series Two-Flute Compression Style Router Touch you get the overall flexibility of a solid carbide compression bit with the particular benefits that are included in insert pedaling! The 6243 Series Router Bit is really a two-flute compression tool with replaceable put tips created to create the chip free surface surface finish on solid wood and laminated panel products.

6243 Set Insert Router Bit
6243 Series Put in Router Little bit

With two solid carbide insert ideas shearing downhill and a couple of inserts shearing upward often the 6243 sequence provides a chips free of charge surface finish about laminated panel products along with reliable timber for jointing, cutting off and sizing. The upper together with lower inserts are exchangeable as are the underside in addition to peripheral cutting kitchen knives.

Two Flute Insert Data compresion Bit - 6243 Set
2 Flute Insert Data compresion Portion – 6243 Line

On the subject of machining thicker elements when a larger dimension is satisfactory, this up/down shear (compression) insert router bit is a perfect alternative to a 3/4″ solid carbide compression bit with regard to engineering double sided laminated sections, solid hardwoods and plastic materials requiring the high excellent, chips free finish. Primarily merely offered with sole sided inserts, this set has also been completely remodeled to make use of double sided inserts giving a longer manage time and cleaner slices. With the recent design and style modify, the cost efficiency of this instrument features increased dramatically. Reduce the tooling inventory and pedaling cost substantially while enhancing efficiencies with a tool that offers a continuing slicing diameter, economical inserts, firm tool body construction plus excellent finish success!
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