My spouse and i compared McDonald's to the biggest fast-food chain in Korea, and the 'McDonald's of Korea' has 1 major advantage prêt à manger chain around South Korea isn't McDonald's, KFC, or perhaps Burger King — nevertheless they all have areas in the country.

Rather, Lotteria reigns supreme, with extra than 1, 600 spots, plus hundreds more all over Asia.

While the idea could be reductive to compare just about every prêt à manger chain to McDonald's, Tombola makes the evaluation pretty easy. The burger-and-fries-centric menu is similar, as are the prices. Locations seem identical, both to a single one more and to McDonald's back in the PEOPLE. There is even a new McDonald's immediately next to a Lotteria from Seoul Station, forcing vacationers to be able to decide on which fast-food cycle to ally themselves together with as soon as they enter in the city.

Alternatively of making a breeze common sense, I decided for you to try McDonald's and Pesca back-to-back to check out which fast-food chain arrived on major. I discovered more resemblances than differences, but 1 chain still been able in order to eke out a new win thanks to one key advantage.