Luxurious Apartment owns a gorgeous location Clear legal forms, fast and quick treatment.

Luxury Apartment owns some sort of beautiful location, adjacent in order to 3 ecological lakes and 100% green space. TT 10% Owns High-class Environmental Apartment in Saigon, TT Swift Transfer Super High. completely View. - Talking to customers' needs, true
-- Very clear legal papers, fast and quick procedure. support all problems arising following the transaction process.
: Assure good prices, together with renegotiate prices with information guests.
rapid Bank money support up to 70 percent of the flat cost.
instructions See the property at any time, Excellent key ready, show you your home 24/7.
Apartment information:
- The apartment location will be 80m2 wide.
instructions Design and style optimal apartment two bed rooms plus 1 multi-purpose room.
-- High-class fundamental furniture, gates, floors, wooden kitchen cupboards An Cuong.
- Hand over European-style plastsorter walls and even ceilings.
rapid Kitchen using 3 food preparation zones, pot hood, put made in The european countries.
-- Full of WC equipment is made from famous manufacturer.
Product Tools:
- Getting a green greenery down the water, wide together with airy pathway.
- Unique architecture, high-end equipment to create a classy living room.
rapid Professional management system, the lowest managing price in the area using merely 6, 000 or m2, Video Doorphone.
- Imported high-speed elevator process, incorporated with multi-facilities: diving pool, fitness center, spa, recreation area, advantage retailer, trade middle, diner, The Coffee Home... Utilities:
Smart nice, ultra high-class damages (free in order to use).
Present day NutriFort health and fitness center (free in order to use).
Shinhan Bank regarding Korea.
Courant électrique Terrace, Saigon Café, Vinmart, Family Mart, Korean, National, British diner, Blue Atmosphere Kindergarten, Australian International College..
- Visitors:
Very nearby to Metro superstore, Parkson Cantavil shopping center, BigC supermarket, Lotte Cinema, Vincom Megamall, market, international classes...
Only 10 minutes in order to District 1, 20 a few minutes to District 7 together with Brown Son Nhat Airport terminal.