How to Learn Russian alphabet

We will leave you a number of reasons why we recommend studying a language like Russian and you will realize that learning Russian is an investment for you and for your future in many facets for your life. So we started, we tell you all the fundamental reasons you have to study Russian to do it with desire and enthusiasm:

For visiting Russia and mastering the language a little bit. You know that currently in virtually every airport city the companies have very good priced flights for virtually and almost the whole world. Many have among their destinies to Russia, because it is a highly sought after destination, for its beauty, for its exotic it is, so different and special. So easy means to get close to Russia you have, a few hours and on a bridge or vacation, they don't have to be very long, you can stick one day in this wonderful country. We assure you that if you go once you will want to return, and it will. For its people, for its magic and for that wonderful culture that will not leave you indifferent. It's not an excuse, then, fate. You can visit it like any other and you can take the opportunity to learn and practice Russian as soon as you start studying it.

You should know that in Russia they hardly speak English, so you need The Russian to be there, communicate and be able to do the cultural immersion that the place deserves. You will see what greatest satisfaction on a personal level being able to enter a culture from your heart, such as your own language. A fact that will make you learn many things about the culture and the people of this fascinating destination. In addition, it is the largest country in the world, so you will set yourself a great goal with wanting to know it well, traveling through its most beautiful cities and towns or that you get attention, and in order to enjoy it you need to master Russian.

Do you know how important Russia's culture is? I don't think you can even imagine the cultural immersion that will involve you speaking Russian, on all levels: literature, music, sports, history... Wherever you look at it, Russia has a cultural richness that is impressive. Much more is that you can enjoy it first hand, as does a native. This will bring you fascinating learning, a number of unforgettable experiences, and most importantly: you will grow as a person and become someone completely different by delving into the special things that this piece of land in the world has.

russian alphabet

Although you find it very difficult, since its alphabet and english have nothing to do with it, you can stay calm because it is not. It may take you a little while to internalize the base of this language, as we have said its alphabet, but once you get it, you will see how quickly you will get to read it, write it, speak it, understand it. You'll find it a more expensive effort to get started, but it's all time and get acquainted with this language. Nothing else.