Start Up Cosmetic Business - Import Private Label Cosmetic Brand

As a private label cosmetics manufacturers in china, Olehana develops and produces for you private label cosmetic products within the fields of cosmetics and physique care products. Our focus here is on non-ornamental skincare products.

For begin-ups as much as corporate teams.

Through federal funding, we are also honoured to have the ability to research sustainable strategies for the preservation of the environment and the improvement of present raw supplies in the cosmetics business.

Our storage

The packaging you present will remain in our warehouses till filling and packaging (nesting). Afterwards we ship your items on Euro pallets to you or to your delivery service supplier.

Steady expansion

By constantly optimising our inside material and goods flows, we ensure that the products we produce for you're saved in a highly controlled method till you name them up.

Our improvement

We can develop and check every conceivable liquid according to your needs. We draw on a portfolio of over 14,000 uncooked materials. Our distinctive machine know-how enables a a lot sooner process validation time in comparison with the competition, since our laboratory technology reproduces the method know-how analogously.

Our uncooked material synthesis

We are distinctive not only due to our state-of-the-art course of machinery expertise, but in addition as a result of we function our personal synthesis chemicals department, which is constantly building new uncooked materials and might thus develop the character of your own model to the utmost extent potential to differentiate it from your market individuals.

Our manufacturing

With tank sizes from 2 to 1,one hundred eighty liters, we produce your private label cosmetic liquids with extraordinarily high shear forces beneath vacuum on the latest manufacturing machines. An automatically managed supply of major raw supplies guarantees drastically quick manufacturing cycles. Filtration ensures us absolute liquid integrity and fixed reproducibility of demanding formulations.

Our filling, labeling , packaging

Your selected main packaging (crucibles, dispensers, and so on.) is mechanically filled, batch-coded, and, if required, labeled and packaged (boxed).

Little too much. According to your wants.

Fully and semi-automatic filling options allow us to regulate demand very flexibly.

We offer a wide range of proven beauty products from a wide range of areas as bulk or finished products, which you'll be able to adapt to your brand needs using add-ons similar to fragrances and active ingredient complexes. After adaptation and joint selection of the first packaging, we deliver quickly.

You can begin a cosmetic business in Germany, but you don't have any cosmetic products. If you wish to private label your beauty, don’t be hesitate, Olehana is a finest private label cosmetic brand.If you are interested in private label your personal model with Olehana, visit right here and follow some simple steps. Olehana professional guide helps to import private label beauty manufacturers.