From the first time computers were created until today’s more recent age, various things have arguably improved. Included in this continuing development of features are the many types of files and software in today’s computer era. The portable document format, better known as PDF, is one of the most utilized today. American computer software company Adobe Inc., is the one that created the PDF. However, it is now currently a freeware that is independent from any associated programs. Usually in terms of other file types, a distinctive program must be downloaded in order to open it. PDFs are different in that it can be opened by an independent software yet its most basic features like viewing, zooming, and printing can still be experienced.

PDFs are very valuable in variety of ways. Like previously mentioned, PDF is a free file extension that can be launched in several programs. PDF is also a pretty safe type of file that provides different types of content protection that cannot be easily extracted. Because of this we come to the third advantage of using a PDF which is file structure integrity. Even if a PDF is continuously transferred from one person to another, its format will continue to be consistent, from texts, pictures, and even spacing. These advantages from using PDFs are reasons why a substantial amount of people would rather use the said file format. This could also be the reason why a number of third party developers endeavoured to produce software that focus on PDFs.

However, not all programs are made equally. PDF Magic File Converter is a PDF-centric program that, unlike its counterparts, strives to improve its features. It was VPP Technologies, a communication and advertising company, that designed the PDF Magic File Converter. The design of PDF Magic File Converter is that it directly tackles the down sides that often exist in other PDF file converters.

https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pdf-magic-file-converter/fhcliiiieibnobojloacmdcklkffmkob of the persistent problems in other PDF converters are the prohibitions on converting multiple files, the inadequate number of supported file types, the immediate availability of the converted file, and the overall layout of the converter app. PDF Magic File Converter exists to tackle these problems no matter how big or small. First of all, users of PDF Magic File Converter can convert limitless numbers of files. Users can also convert more than 30 file types on PDF Magic File Converter and have them instantly downloaded and opened once the converting is done. Finally, the uncluttered design of PDF Magic File Converter is a great advantage since things are all easy to see and understand.

Basically, PDF Magic File Converter is created in such a way that it would be hassle free for any of its users without compromising utility.