how to improve my writing skills

Wondering “how do I improve my writing skills?”


Everyone Sucks at Writing.

At least we were born that way..

No matter if you’re in business, a teacher, student, copywriter, blogger, author, speaker, we all could use a little more power in our writing.

The good news is anyone can improve your writing skills.

This page uncovers tips and confessions of some of the most persuasive and powerful writers.

These are secrets anyone can use to improve their writing, and power of your speaking, TODAY.

The truth of “how to improve my writing skills

Surprising truth 1. The most important stuff happens before you write a single word.

You must first identify a goal, and then research your reader.

Surprising truth 2. Being a good writer doesn’t just effect how you write..

Writing has increased my income 500% and has helped me have the freedom I always dreamed of.

It makes you a better speaker, it clears your mind and helps you have better conversations.

It helps you communicate clearly in your relationships.

Improving Writing helped Ty Cohen, go on to create a $30,000 per month as a self published author on amazon

It also has helped people to get hired by businesses as a copywriter and the writing skills have helped them go on to create a 6 figure income with just copywriting..

In short, improving your writing skills will help you in every aspect of your life.

How To Improve My Writing Skills

1. Identify the Goal of Your Writing

Before you write a single word there is at least one thing you need to ask yourself first..

“What’s the purpose of my writing?”

What are you trying to make your reader feel?

What do you want them to do as a result of your writing?

Purpose = Power

If you don’t know the purpose of your writing you will lack power.

And power is what makes your writing memorable and life changing.

2. Research Your Reader

You aren’t just writing, You’re communicating with another human.

You Must make every word meaningful to them, if they don’t care, they wont read your stuff..

They have feelings, desires, dreams and fears just like you.

They need someone who will fight for their dreams, connect with them and show them a better way.

Its you’re job to understand your reader better than they know themselves.

Once you understand the goal of your writing, and you know your reader better than they know themselves, then you can have power in your writing.

3. Model Writing That Works

Would you rather go out and get your own water from a river, boil it or just get it from the tap?

Fact is is easier to plug into a system that already works.

Someone out there has already had success in writing.

All you have to do is find them and model what they do.

Now don’t copy them, but see what they are doing and model it in a unique way.

It might be a good idea to attend an in person or online course or seminar, some of these range from $100-$2,000 but can help you get $10,000+ back

4. Inject Power Words Into Your Writing



-Great White Shark.

Which one creates a more emotional vivid picture?

For me, Picturing a great white shark is a bit more stirring.




Green Apple.

Which one creates a more vivid picture in your mind?

Fact is your words make a huge difference!

Check this one out…

“I hate the mom”


“I hate your mom”

Which statement was more upsetting?

(as long as you don’t hate your own mother) Most people will get more upset when its YOUR mom someone hates.

although it was only one word difference, it made all of the difference.

When you can, use the word “you” as much as you can in your writing. (its in this sentence 4 times alone!)

If the reader doesn’t feel your writing is about them, they wont listen to you.


The most important person in the world to anybody is themsleves.

Its sad but true.

Your reader doesn’t care about you, just what you can do for them..

The words you use in your writing will improve your writing skills greatly!

5. Practice Your Writing Skills

Cool story time..

There was a study done in a photography class..

The class was split into two groups.

Group one was graded on the quality of the picture they had taken.

Group two was graded on the quantity of pictures taken.

At the end of the semester, the students who were graded only on quantity, had seen the most improvement and had higher rated quality of work.


They didn’t care about perfection, they just practiced a lot.

Its the same improving your writing skills, you just have to do it!

6. Write as little as You can

Wait didnt I just say write more?

Yes, practice more, but when it comes to your final piece of work, eliminate as much as you can.

Cut out all of the fluff.. as soon as your reader is bored, their attention will go onto something else.

and when your readers attention gets swept away, your opportunity to influence them leaves.

6. Invest into Your Writing Skills

Last but not least..

Learn from someone who has done it.

Warren Buffet, the professional investor has said the best investment you can make is in yourself.

Your skillset can never be taken away, that’s why its one of the best investments you can make.

There is a difference between council and advice.

One comes from someone’s opinion of something they’ve never done.

The other is real council from someone who has been there and done that.

Would you rather learn from a leader in your industry or someone’s random option?

Once I found the leaders, and bought their courses and books, only then was I able to see a big difference.

Once I invested into books and courses my income increased 500% and I had tons more freedom.

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