Real Racing 3 is a Racing Junkie's Dream Come True

Real Racing 3 is arguably among the greatest mobile racing games currently due to several reasons. Some of those reasons include exceptional controls with accompanying movement responses, and needless to say, how the sport has included real cars and real monitors. If you would like an intensely outstanding racing game, Real Racing 3 is definitely the way to go.

Are NASCAR cars available for purchase in Real Racing 3?

NASCAR is classified under Real Racing 3's Motorsports group. Previously, NASCAR cars used to be available for purchase. However, since January 2019, the NASCAR line can't be bought and are now only exist for men and women who already bought them beforehand. The primary reason is due to the expired license between the game and NASCAR. Currently, there's absolutely no way to acquire any NASCAR cars .

What are the monies in Real Racing 3?

As of the moment, the monies in Real Racing 3 are race dollars, motorsports dollars, and gold coins. Each currency has another use and different method of acquisition. To get race bucks, which are also abbreviated as R$, can be acquired through finished races, advancing in a series, finishing a lap without bumping into your opponents' cars, and hiring a manager. Motorsports bucks, also called M$, was created to inspire players to race and purchase in Formula 1. Lastly, besides purchasing them outright, gold coins can also be acquired through Game Center or Google Play challenges, watching in-game advertisements, or finishing one-fourth of your series.

What race gets the largest reward in Real Racing 3?

Some racing series and events in the game have better pays than others. Out of the many races, the one that has the largest R$ bucks is the Endurance Kings but it's also a 27 minute race. Endurance Kings offer up to R$700,000 in winnings if you've got a 100% bonus. However, the Classic Ferrari Showdown also has one of the biggest rewards for a significantly shorter racing period and can give you almost R$166,000 with a 100% daily bonus.

Is easily the most expensive car in Real Racing 3 a Koenigsegg?

It seems like McLaren's MP4-X is the most expensive car in the game from 308 cars due to its cost of 1,200 gold coins. Since gold coins are the most difficult to regularly acquire in the game, they're also highly valued. how to sell cars in real racing 3 in the store are sold in bundles but they can get expensive quite quickly. Basically, if you buy the McLaren MP4-X through purely real cash, then it'll cost you more than USD 123.

Is it possible to still compete in races offline?

The Time Shifted Multiplayer is a great aspect of the game that lets players compete with real people despite having an online connection. Actually, players which are racing offline aren't competing in real time but contrary to the time record set by their opponents. Additionally, the cars in the race are now AIs that replicate the conditions of the race vis-à-vis time Every player who will play offline will have the ability to experience this time shifted mechanic.