Real Racing 3 is a Racing Junkie's Dream Come True

One of the biggest mobile racing games of all time is by a successful series released by Firemonkeys Studios and there are lots of reasons why. There are many reasons to keep on playing the game and a number of them include the controls and motion responses of the game which are akin to realistic racing and to improve that realism is the fact that real cars and tracks are incorporated in the game. Reacing Racing 3 is an honestly impressive game that needs to be attempted by any gamer of any age.

Is NASCAR available on Real Racing 3?

NASCAR is among the groups in Motorsports category of this game. There was a time almost two years back that cars under NASCAR can be purchased. The bad news is that in January 2019, NASCAR cars were made inaccessible in the game shop and only those that have been in a position to purchase previously have NASCAR cars. This is because the licensing agreement between firms has expired. Currently, there is no way to acquire any NASCAR cars .

What's the difference between R3 and M3?

As of this moment, the monies in Real Racing 3 are race dollars, motorsports dollars, and gold coins. These currencies aren't exactly the same and there are distinct ways of getting them. To get race dollars, which can also be abbreviated as R$, can be acquired through completed races, progressing in a series, finishing a lap without bumping into your opponents' cars, and hiring a manager. M$ is the newest money in the game and is essentially a participant's incentive to play Formula 1 and purchase its contents. Lastly, besides purchasing them outright, gold coins can also be acquired via Game Center or Google Play challenges, watching in-game advertisements, or completing one-fourth of your series.

What's the most lucrative racing in Real Racing 3?

There are many events and series incorporated in the game and not all of them are created equal. The 27-minute Endurance Kings race is probably the one with the largest R$ prize. If players have a 100% daily bonus, their prize R$ in Endurance Kings could go up to R$700,000. However, the traditional Ferrari Showdown also has among the biggest rewards for a significantly shorter racing period and can provide you nearly R$166,000 with a 100% daily bonus.

How much is the most expensive car in Real Racing 3?

Out of the 308 currently available cars in Real Racing 3, the one that comes out on top in terms of cost is the McLaren MP4-X that has a price tag of 1,200 gold coins. Since gold coins are the toughest to frequently get in the game, they are also highly valued. If you want a faster way of getting coins, then you ought to purchase some in the in-game store and it'll definitely cost you real money. If you cash-out the entirety of your McLaren MP4-X buy, then it'll be equivalent to almost USD 123.

What is Time Shifted Multiplayer in Real Racing 3?

Real Racing 3 has a unique feature that's the Time Shifted Multiplayer that allows players to finish with real people even when offline. Actually, Real racing 3 download are between players and another player's set time record which means that the opponents are not in real time. Additionally, the cars in the race are now AIs that replicate the conditions of the race vis-à-vis time records. Every player who will play offline will be able to experience this time altered mechanic.