Liquid paraffin gels or freezes and lamp oil produces a lot too much oder, nearly asphyxiating. Until now, I had not discovered any oil that will not gel up or is oder free. The firefly lamp oil produces a very faint oder, however it’s really virtually unnoticeable. Although it has not been cold enough to actually put it through the test this year but, the Firefly oil did stay completely liquid at 10 levels Fahrenheit.
This Solar Firefly Lantern creates the sight of fireflies in a jar with wonderful functionality. The lanterns within the Disney animated film “Tangled” function prominently in the movie. Rapunzel, as a heroine, desires of seeing the lanterns in individual.
I would highly suggest this product to anyone. My mother introduced me two Dietz lanterns that have been once used by her father.
It was amazing to see the lanterns working once more and as a child, I thought that they had been solely non functioning ornamental pieces. We probably spent a number of hours in the storage this evening watching them glow and talked about our grandfather, as well as, the history of those specific lanterns.
He used them within the winter to put in the pump home to keep the pipes from freezing. He additionally burned kerosene in them and through the years they turned fairly soiled.

I inherited an old oil lantern from my Uncle that I primarily use whenever I lose energy or after I want some subtle light while on my patio at night time. The oil that was in it was for outdoor use solely. I wanted one thing that I could use indoors and outdoors, an oil that burnt clear, had no scent and didnt create plenty of soot. This product nails it and stands true to its claims.
After getting them functional once more, I determined to use this specific gasoline by Firefly in the hopes that it will be better for the lanterns as a substitute of using kerosene. I additionally didn’t want to take care of smoke getting everything dirty once more and the odor of kerosene isn’t precisely pleasant. I’m pleased to say that this gas has labored amazingly nicely for the old lanterns. It has no odor and solely produces smoke if I start raising the wick really excessive.
After he passed away, my mom used them as decorative items on the mantel of the hearth place and they haven’t been utilized in 40 years. They had been in excellent shape, for his or her age, and I spent some time taking them aside and cleansing them. I didn’t wish to restore them to “brand new” situation as I thought that the paint scuffs and other age associated imperfections gave them a bit more character.
Now ’m on the hunt for an additional lantern that I remember seeing hanging on the wall of one of our old barns back home. If I do discover it, and I can get that one fastened up once more, I will certainly be utilizing this fuel in it as properly. I go back and forth between liquid paraffin through the warmer months for the low oder and lamp oil within the Winter months at my remote cabin as it doesn't freeze.
Also, I did notice the burn times to be considerably longer than the other oils and paraffins I even have used up to now and it actually does burn clean. I will proceed to purchase Firefly clean lamp oil for lighting my cabin. I haven’t used Kerosene kind oil lamps in years, but after this last hurricane with no electrical energy, thought it was time to buy this stuff once more. I actually have tested my new Dietz Oil Lamp with the Firefly Clean Lamp Oil. I am pleased with the Firefly lamp oil, the scent is very gentle and low odor, I didn't have any downside with smoking and it did not trouble my occasional allergy issues.