Mother-daughter love in the poor ravine

Chapter 1 In 1979, the day of the day in Xiaoshan Village, the 15th day of the first lunar new year, I took my only suitcase and married far away to a small mountain village in southern Shaanxi---Fengye Village. This may be in China The small mountain village that can’t be found on the map is located in a large mountain in southern Shaanxi. The only way out of the village is a dirt road that is only one meter wide. The scenery in the large mountain is charming, and the vegetation of the mountain is also formed. The unique breath of the beautiful mountain village. However, all of this is very attractive to me at least now. As for the future? I can't imagine, because I am about to spend the rest of my life in this small mountain village. 'Okay! It's up to you!' As soon as these words came out, Wang Huaming's majestic aura was not inferior to his father Wang Zhongzheng! I was born in a small family in a county in northern Shaanxi, and there was an older brother on it. My mother unfortunately passed away while giving birth to me. It was my father who brought me and my brother up by doing odd jobs. My brother was eight years older than me. The family is poor, so my brother went out to do odd jobs before finishing primary school. He was only 17 years old that year. My brother also knew very well that such a poor family could not afford two children to study. I still gave up my studies and went out to work. In fact, my brother and I were among the best in school, but what can be done? The reality is so cruel. I remember the day when I sent my brother out. He said to me: Shanwazi (My name is Liu Xiaoshan, and everyone calls me Shanwazi), I should study hard in the future, and help my father do more work when I have time. The family will count on you to read the book so as to get ahead. Don't have any mental burdens. I will send you the tuition on time... This is what my brother told me before leaving, and I secretly vowed to study hard. 'Wow!' The applause sounded again, so enthusiastic, the students boiled with enthusiasm, Teacher Gavin was right, as long as you work hard, there are unlimited possibilities. In the years that followed, I cherished these hard-won opportunities even more. At the same time, I also helped my father to do something in my spare time, and my hard work was rewarded as it should be. From elementary school to junior high school, my academic performance has always been one of the best. In my first year of junior high, my brother was also introduced. Married a girl from Lincun and had her own home. 'Stop teasing, your classmates are not my classmates, they all know who wants to eat hot pot? Is the beauty Zhao Chuqing back?' The fat man didn't care, he and Gu Shi almost grew up together. What classmates does Gu Shi have? , Would he not know? In the second year after they got married, they also had children of their own, and I also know that this family is becoming more and more tight now. My brother has his own family and has his own children, and the sister-in-law itself is A bitter woman, my brother always sighed at her besides forbearance. After we got married, my brother and sister-in-law built a separate house and lived alone, and this family only left my father and me. , I finally passed the second half of the third grade. In the second half of the third half of the third year, because the little money from my father’s odd jobs alone was not enough for tuition, the elder brother’s salary was tight except for buying fans. , So I was particularly guilty and disappointed at the time. I wanted to give up but was not reconciled. So during the summer, I discussed with my father and brother to go out and find something to do. In the end, both of them were too proud of my persuasion and agreed. After the housekeeper and the others stepped back, there were only the principal, old Wesley, Brooks and Gu Shi in the huge living room. He only heard the old Wesley say: 'Principal, what are you here to borrow today?' Tell me things like God has a good life, I will scold him for shit. Just the second month after I went out to find a living, one day I received a call from my brother. On the phone, he told me not to say that my father had an accident and I should come back quickly. ''Hermes'?' The principal smiled and said: 'It seems that the previous estimate was good, and only it can do this.' So I had to quit the rare job opportunity and rushed back. Who knows this is the last time I saw my father. It turned out that just ten days after I went out to work, my father also looked for a living everywhere, and later helped work on a construction site in Lincun. Just ten days ago, because my father had been thinking about me outside, I had no rest. , I didn’t even fall from the armrest on the third floor. I was admitted to the hospital for a week due to a serious injury. The hospital also issued a critical illness notice, and my father kept calling my name before he died. My brother called me, and when I rushed back, my father was already dead. When I appeared in front of his hospital bed, he tried to hold my face with his weak hands but was helpless. , I had to lift his hand gently and put it on my face, and his weak and sang-sang eyes looked at my brother, then looked at me again, and finally shed tears, then let go Up. Xiao Huangwen-the wet leswen Liang Jing doesn't know what to do. Although this person knows his father, Zheng Enxi has done too much and it is impossible to forgive him directly. After dealing with my father's funeral, when I walked to my house alone, I looked deserted. Late that night, I sat on the bed alone and did not feel sleepy at all. I threw myself into the dark night. 'Okay, I was about to go out and breathe in some fresh air.' Xu Xiaoyan agreed very happily. From time to time, I thought of all the past and the desolation of the present. Finally, I immersed myself in crying, and in such a lonely night, I cried out all the bitterness of so many years. Sure enough, he called his full name, Yan Le pretended to squat nervously, and squatted on the ground with a candlelight looking for it. My brother came early the next morning, looked at my somewhat red and swollen eyes, only sighed lightly, and then took out a wad of scattered money and told me that it was my father’s work and others’ compensation. Tell me to collect it, and at the same time, school is about to start, so I have to finish this period of study. After speaking, he patted my shoulder and left. 'Liang Qiheng, do you really hate me?' Yan Le suddenly reduced his anger and coldness, and asked him in a puzzled manner. She really didn't understand why he was targeting herself like that, so she calmly thought about it and removed the temptation in the meantime. She didn't offend him. After my brother left, I looked at the wrinkled wad of money in my hand and cried again with a sore nose. Then I started to prepare for the start of the new semester and clean up the decayed home. The corners of Yan Le's mouth twitched helplessly, and he looked up at his evil and open smile, unconsciously wanting to slap him a few times! The third semester of junior year passed easily, and I was admitted to the provincial key high school with the first place in the school. At this moment, I also meant that my reading career was over. Because at that moment, I knew that the wad of money my brother gave me that day was not only from my father’s part-time job, but also from my elder brother’s frugality and secretly praised it, and then he gave me to school in the name of my father. Yes, I didn’t know how to tell my sister-in-law later. Although there was no big quarrel, there were a lot of prisoners. Yan Le nodded, and according to Mu Lingyi's intention, he said clearly what he wanted to hear most. In the first period after graduation, I had nothing to do, so I went to find work with my brother and sister-in-law in the nearby county town. I did this for more than a year, and I was only 20 years old. This is how I spent my double decade in China. She stared at Xiang Ziyan with her gaze drifting away, and wanted to torture her directly, to ask where the man who had colluded with her was now! Because I must be considered a cumbersome in this house. Later, because my sister-in-law often sent some small prisoners, I often locked myself in my own small room without listening to her. Until one day, a few guests came to the house, two men and three women, two of them were in their forties, and two of the three women were in their 30s or 40s, only one woman. The child is probably in his twenties, and my sister-in-law suddenly asked me to accompany the guests that day. All of these guests were very familiar to me. But Yan Le shook her head very quickly and watched Mu Lingyi raise her eyebrows happily to say what she had decided before going out. Because if it is a relative of my sister-in-law's maiden, I still have some reflections, and I don't know any of these people, but since my sister-in-law asked me to accompany me for a while, I agreed without thinking. They told me to accompany guests, and at most I just poured tea, handed cigarettes or something, most of the time I was the audience, but Sino-Doll occasionally they told me I would answer a few words. 'No, you can't do it~ Don't be fierce~ It's terrible~' She said very wrongly, as if she wanted to avoid it, strong, powerful, and like him. Among them, the little girl talked to me the most. I think it’s probably because she’s a young girl of about Male Sex Dolls her age, and she’s more open to conversation, so I didn’t think too much about it. During the chat, I learned that her name is Xiaoqin. Nineteen. As for most of what we talked about are some trivial and boring topics. After killing people, the swordman did not stop searching for property, but went to find the next living person as the target, and continued to hack and kill desperately. And they can also talk to us when they are older, regardless of whether we let the younger two of us talk together. Fortunately, they sat after a meal and left. The person Minhan called Brother Yuan, saw the weirdness shown by Bai Yulu and Lan Jing, and was not as frightened as the others. Instead, he yelled at Bai Yulu violently. Later, I learned that those people were friends I knew who my brother and sister-in-law worked together that day. It was the sister-in-law who asked them to find me the other day. Of course, they wanted to kick me away. And to accompany a guest is just equivalent to a meeting, as the object is that Xiaoqin. He did this just to see if Qu Bojun would turn his face with him immediately. In this way, in the family of my brother and sister-in-law, as a superfluous person, I became a cumbersome. With their perfect timing, I got married to this small mountain village in southern Shaanxi, and the only dowry was mine. It’s just a suitcase, and it’s full of clothes that my brother who likes to read bought me as a wedding suit. After Xiong Sheng returned to Yingdu, he heard Black Skin Sex Dolls that he had exempted Yin from his position, and rushed to the palace angrily, trying to shock Xiong Mo and others. Maple Leaf Village, I don't know why it was called such a village name, but I was attracted by the beautiful scenery here. The small village has only a dozen or twenty families. Hank's hair stood up, but his mouth did not relax: 'You Asian, what do you want to do? I am a dignified American nobleman. If you dare to violate my wishes, you will die miserably! Your family will die too! It's miserable!' Xiaoqin's home is located at the southernmost end of Fengye Village. It is a typical farmhouse with a row of earthen houses. Xiaoqin has three sisters, and there is a mother on it. His father fell ill when they were very young, so there is not a single male in the whole family. As for my arrival, this family is really alive. If you change to someone else, I am afraid that you will be shocked and fainted, but Cao Luo will not, he just quietly waited for that moment to come. On the day of the wedding, all the men, women and children of the whole village came, because he (she) also wanted to see me, the new official. It must be the first one who can come here in such a poor small village, and most of the young Most capable girls or boys will choose to marry out of town. And I was the first man to come over, and I was such a man in a house with only women. Yuan Weiguo didn't sleep well all night and directly called Song Qingshuang's number and rang for a while, but Yuan Weiguo didn't have the slightest impatience. Instead, he waited quietly. The wedding was completely organized according to local customs. I finally ended a series of tedious ceremonies. I was also dizzy from exhaustion. In fact, the most important thing was that I was a little uncomfortable when I first arrived in this place. Shi Yuanji didn't dare to breathe, the Xuan Ming in front of him suddenly became unpredictable. Ten years ago, Xuan Ming's deterrence against him came from her strong strength, but now it comes from her unique thinking. The various ceremonies and banquets were finally finished in the evening, and I dragged my exhausted body into the new house that I knew myself well and fell asleep. When I came in, I told Xiaoqin that I was not Comfortable, I won't eat dinner. I don't know how long I slept. I just felt that someone was pushing me. I opened my eyes. It turned out that Xiaoqin was sitting on the bedside calling me. He is really worried about this new second master. He has been here for too short a time, but he is very sharp. Who knows if he will replace him. You have been tired for a day too. Get up and eat something. This is a bowl of egg noodles made by mother. Just eat it while it is hot. I saw Xiaoqin still holding a bowl in his hand. To be honest, Shop by Brand I was really hungry after taking a break. 'Let's go!' With a stern sound, Katana moved slowly, driving Miaozhu to the small courtyard, Shi Yuanji also followed. I immediately got up and sat on the bed and took the bowl that Xiaoqin handed over and ate, and Xiaoqin had been sitting next to me. The four of them saw that only Yao Ze was the only one. The two cultivators of the Dzogchen stage came up directly to surround Yao Ze, and the other two cultivators of the foundation building stage looked like they were self-respecting. They looked at them. This is a fight between the juniors, and it is not worth it at all. After finally eating this bowl, Xiaoqin took my bowl and sent it out. It was only then that I took a close look at this new house that I was familiar with, the room I lived in for the rest of my life. The house is not big, but it is quite spacious. 'Haha...Scorpion, you wouldn't expect this day to be so fast, do you have anything to say today?' Opposite the bed is a wooden dressing table, and the furniture is quite simple. But it is enough for me. This kind of teleportation is Transsexual Sex Dolls much closer than that of Ming Shengzong's ultra-long-distance teleportation. When Yao Ze and the others came down from the circle, they did not feel any discomfort. While looking around, Xiaoqin came in, she walked to the bed, sat next to me, took my hand and looked at me and said: Brother Shan, I'm sorry, I really wronged you, I know your heart is very wronged. But that Black Sword was only interested in that devilish energy, and didn't seem to want to hurt anyone. Yao Ze tentatively stretched out his right hand and grabbed the black sword with one hand. Surrounded by the devilish energy, the black sword did not move. It's okay, the scenery here is beautiful, I like it a lot, I turned my head and looked at Xiaoqin and said. At this moment, I put my mind away and looked carefully at this woman who is about to spend the rest of my life with me. However, a six-level spirit mandarin is still not in his eyes, 'What advice do fellow Daoists have to come to this Xuyang Ruins?' Only after seeing this, I realized that today's Xiaoqin is really a beauty after being dressed up, even if I don't say it. It looks like a fairy, but it's one of a thousand. She wore a simple bun, the hair on her forehead came out with a slight bang, and she had a slight smile on her face. She was wearing a pink coat, her clothes were bulging with her full body, slender beauty Qi is wearing a black long library and a pair of black cloth shoes on his feet. Xiao Huang Wen-Less Wen Yuanshuang's grandfather is the grandfather of Qingyue Pavilion, wouldn't it be better for her to stay in Qingyue Pavilion? Why go to Devil Valley? The charming girly breath and outstanding knowing temperament made me look at it for a while, and Xiaoqin was also watching, and her face blushed. She fascinated me even more because of her courage. She gently pulled him into my arms and leaned against me. The more creatures who worshipped him, the greater his power he felt. In the end, he only felt that he had the power to move mountains and seas, and those creatures who worship him were protected by his ass. I lowered my head and pressed towards her cherry lips. When my lips touched her lips, I only felt her body shook. It was clear to the two ignorant young people that something would happen after the knot. Whatever things, even though these things are their first experience, the primitive instinct of mankind knows how to do it. I gently touched her lips, she also responded to my lightness, and at the same time my other hand climbed up to the peak of the saint in front of her. Yao Ze didn't hesitate. With a finger with his right hand, six golden flags appeared directly in front of the old man and blocked the way. At the same time, his figure flickered and disappeared directly in place. Xiaoqin's fierce part is very full, even though it is a push through the clothes, it is full of play. Under my help and lightness, Xiaoqin's breathing slowly became quicker. However, it is better to take Jiang Huo away as soon as possible, otherwise such threats may happen all the time. When I wanted to go deeper, I saw Xiaoqin hold down my hand and blushed and said softly: Let's go to bed... According to Wolff, the clone of this old werewolf ancestor stayed in the cave, and the cave was also shrouded by a magic circle. If he couldn't get out of it, it seemed that he would have to spend some time. Well, I answered gently. Then she let go of the hand that violated her, she also took off her shoes, and then lay on the bed, and after I took off my top and outside the storehouse, I only wore a pair of gussets and went to bed. 'Brother eldest grandson, since the kid dug out the rotten flesh, has the poison gas been discharged?' Dongfang Yu frowned, and there was a vague feeling in his heart. Xiaoqin saw me go to bed and consciously moved into the bed to leave me a comfortable space. Once again, I gently lay beside Xiaoqin and stretched out my head to touch her face, her earrings, her cherry lips, and at the same time, I did not let go of her fiercely full-blown twin peaks with my other hand. . City Lord Xie suddenly felt the crisis enveloped him, and was shocked. He waved his hands before he could think about it, and a cloud of purple smoke spread, and bursts of blood came out. He directly used the poisonous fog to protect himself, and at the same time, his eyes were stunned. Flash, directly urge the prohibition! Xiao Huang Wen-Let people see the wet les Wen, Xiao Dan is still waiting for you, remember to be careful and gentle. After finishing talking, he just pushed me in. Then gently closed the door. During the dinner, Chen Zikun was still wearing his peasant outfit, sitting among a group of VIPs in military uniforms, suits and leather shoes, and looked very eye-catching. Japanese Sex Dolls I walked in slowly, and by the dim light outside the window, I saw a person lying on the side of the bed. I knew that something must happen tonight, and Xiaodan seemed to know what would happen, so she was a little nervous about my arrival. I gently walked to the bed and sat there, obviously feeling little Dan's light tremor caused by tension, Xiao Dan lying on his side has beautiful lines, and his slender waist sets off the shadow of his round butt, which is really maddening. Liang Maocai said: 'I listened to the radio saying that the Japanese had won the battle. It turned out to be nonsense.' I sat there for a long time, not knowing what to do. Chen Shou said: 'Mom forced. The car is not without a hood. Drive me forward and no one is allowed to stop.' At this time, Xiao Dan said softly and tremblingly: Brother Shan, it's not early... a jeep As we drove to the front, the commander of Jiangbei Column Wu Changqing and political commissar Ye Xuefeng sat in the car. Ye Xuefeng said to the guard: 'Xiao Li, send the raincoat to the soldiers of the cultural engineering troupe.' Well... I was also a little trembling. The voice answered, and then got up and took off my clothes. Xiao Dan trembled even more when he heard the sound of me getting up and taking off my clothes. This person is Chen Zikun’s West Point alumni, George Howard. He wears a Marine Corps uniform with a star on his collar. Indeed, as Chandler said, George is the fastest in his class. It's a general. I walked over, lying on my side, and stretched out my hand to remove the sheet covering Xiao Dan. On the dim light, Xiao Dan's graceful torso was lying there quietly, his body trembling with tension constantly shaking. I straightened Xiao Dan's body lightly. Delevine was comfortable under the road, and he directly captured two heads, and the other was a blood, and took off directly. It was discovered that she was wearing a pink belly with rusty mandarin ducks playing in the water, and she was wearing a cutie of unknown material. When my hand touched her body, I found that Xiao Dan's body was trembling very badly, and her eyes were kept closed. I knew she was very nervous and scared, so that’s why it was like this. Personnel girl. 'It seems that you are the Dragon Clan who formed an offensive and defensive alliance with Odin? So what is the purpose of the Dragon Clan coming to Yodenheim?' I sighed slightly, Xiao Dan, you...or... I said hesitantly. 'It turns out that it's because of this, hum, isn't the natural spiritual sealer of the spirit race very prestigious? In my opinion, you are all scum, right? The scum of the scum!' No, Brother Shan, I... ...I'm just a little scared and nervous, I...I...I'm fine. Seeing Xiao Dan's speech slurred because of nervousness, I not only felt compassion. In this case, to find out the situation behind the rocks, Lin Shuo knew that his family's 'sounding the wind and distinguishing position' were not as easy to use as the Su family's 'listening to the mountains and knowing the way.' Don't be nervous, Xiaodan. In fact, you don't need this at all. Even if your sister and I don't have children, you shouldn't be allowed to suffer, and I'm not complaining. So look... I said softly. The true disciples of Shenyan Mountain, their minds were agitated, and they burst out at full speed with extreme excitement, rushing towards the purple flame one after another. No, Brother Shan, don't you like Dandan anymore? This matter has nothing to do with my sister and mother. In fact, it was voluntary. I discussed this suggestion with my mother and sister. Xiao Dan said in a trembling voice, and then covered his face with both hands. No matter what happens later, you must hold this bead firmly in your mouth and never spit it out! Xiaodan, you misunderstood. I just thought that it would be too unfair for you to take this matter. You are so beautiful, you can have your own happy life, and you can live the life you want. Eight businessmen headed by Fatty Wu made up their minds to sea trade and hurriedly left to recruit personnel. After all, we will go to sea in the beginning of spring next year, and there is only half a year of training time. Brother Shan, in fact, this is the life I want. In fact, I have always liked the life I am now. The family is happy and happy, and it's fun to be together, not to mention how happy it is. Hearing this, I sighed and couldn't say a word for a long time. Among the nine players, only Yechin, Youssef Bot and Asafaville ran into the 10-second mark. From the perspective of the entire game, it was basically a three-person competition. Brother Shan, do you like my sister? Have you liked Dandan? Xiao Dan asked in a low voice with her trembling voice. The voice was too small to be too small. Fortunately, it was the quietness of the countryside and the fact that I was sitting next to her. In his previous life, Long Yin also knew some weird kung fu, which was extremely evil, that is, to absorb the skills of others for himself, but it was really useful to think about it. I like your sister very much, like you very much, and this family very much, and I like everyone in this family more, because I like it, so I don't want to see everyone in this family hurt. So... With Charles Barkley, who had fallen in the end before, plunged into the basket, Grant Hill and Reggie Miller flew to the bottom corner! So you dare not ask for Dandan? Before I finished speaking, Xiao Dan took this sentence. But I don't know how to answer her. Yes, it's just a difference between wanting and not wanting, it's just me...what am I feeling depressed? I'm afraid I don't know this problem myself. If this essay is well written, Dr. Feng feels that it is no problem to vote for a core. He is now in the critical period for the promotion of deputy director, and he needs a lot of papers. Brother Shan, if you love your sister, if you love this family, let Dandan do something for this family, because Dandan loves this family just like you. Xiao Dan said with a trembling voice again. Looking at the posture, it seems that he is still worried about the choice of the big bug on the other side, but PDD's heart is crossed, and a disdainful look appears directly on his face. I sighed softly, then gently lay on my side next to Xiao Dan again, gently moved up, and gently stroked Xiao Dan's cheek. Dandan, I love you and love this family. At first he cared more about the Hornets' perimeter. Although Peja Stojakovic was no longer at the peak, he was once Transgender Sex Dolls a famous figure, and Qi Li worried that he would be separated. From now on I will definitely hurt you and love you. I said while stroking Xiao Dan's cheek and hair. The other two shooting games sold on the SG game platform, V Agency’s Half-Life 2 and Ubisoft’s Far Cry 1, have both been online for a week and their sales have reached record highs. Well, I'm the same as you, just...just...just gentle, I...I...a little...a little scared...Xiao Dan knows that I have accepted her from my heart, because I am more nervous Said the trembling voice. When the full moon that came to the valley in the memory was already hanging above the sky, Li Moshang checked around to make sure that there was no danger around him before he walked into the valley. Don't be afraid... Don't be afraid, it will always be like this for the first time, I will be careful, I will let you leave me an unforgettable first time I said peacefully, I am not sure of the fact. 'This country doesn’t need war or killing. It’s not that the country needs me, but you need me. Don’t come to me anymore. I won’t care about anything, just as if I never appeared before, when I died. Right.' Zhao Chunliang finished speaking and turned to leave. So I straightened Xiao Dan's body, and then moved my mouth together, and turned towards Xiao Dan's tasseled lips. I greedily sucked Xiao Dan's lips. Xiao Dan, who was a newcomer, was unfamiliar in this respect. I was not in a hurry to take her right away, so I kept squeezing her scented lips, trying to stick my tongue into her mouth, but after a few attempts, I couldn’t get in. So I changed my strategy and I took Xiaodan. Gently took off his bellyband, and then held a scorpion in one hand. Entering the training room, there are several young people around playing games attentively, without noticing their coming in. It's so good, so pretty, so soft, like cotton, so tender, as tender as fresh soybean rot, and there is a certain degree of elasticity. After tasting these characteristics, I immediately became interested in it and I couldn't put it down. So I let go of Xiao Dan's mouth, and instead held a delicate head in one mouthful, ah... In response to my sudden attack, Xiao Dan sent out a girl's first sweet scorpion. Those who have a fierce look are those who lose money and are ready to make money and kill them. Those who walk in a Male Sex Dolls hurry, have some money and want to make money. As for those who are like walking corpses, those who have already lost are bankrupt and penniless, ready to sell their children and sell their daughters to repay their debts. But I was not satisfied with the status quo, so I slapped her head, left for a while, then right, and after a while, my greedy saliva was Ultra Realistic Sex Dolls left on both of her breasts, and my other hand gently moved. Her cutie also took off. I sat up after sucking on her head, and suddenly an unexpected discovery made me almost crazy. It turned out that there was no grass underneath Xiaodan, just like a white steamed buns Sex Doll Torsos just out of the oven. A pink Xiaofeng also had a little transparent liquid at this time. This discovery made me crazy. The gray bird not only has a well-developed sense of hearing and smell, but also has a sharper sense of touch than a person with sound vision. Under the guidance of Qiao An, stroke the syringe from the beginning to the end, and he knows the structure of this device and knows how to use it. Up. So I separated her two legs a little bit, then stretched out my mouth and leaned forward, sticking out my tongue to the white and tender steamed bun. We spent a while with each other, the breathing of both of them became quicker, and the clothes on our bodies ran away from home unknowingly. In his opinion, these things are well-known in the entire underworld, and Lu Shuai knows after speaking out, he will not blame himself. Her naked body is white and tender, like ice muscles and bones. The 36C double peaks are round and straight. Her head is bright red, and her abdomen is down. The black and bright curly hair is very beautiful. It separates her double legs. The part there is very prominent, and the two red meat pans are slightly open, and there is already a transparent liquid flowing out. The SM Dolls chrysanthemum below is small and tight, the color is light, and it is extremely pure. After the time of a stick of incense, six groups of gray light suddenly appeared in the clouds and mist above the battlefield, and underneath were millions of underworld soldiers fighting each other. No one could see the difference between the six clouds and mist in the mid-air. On the whole, her pretty face is not top-notch, but her various parts are also very coordinated, and there is nothing unsightly. Now Bai Susu sits in front of the shop every day, holding his head to sell the charms. Yao Ze saw it, but just smiled and ignored it. This in itself is part of the experience. When Xiaoqin was moving, she felt cold all over her body. She opened her eyes and saw that she was completely naked. She couldn't help being ashamed. The rural girl’s unique reservedness made her busy smashing key parts with her hands, but where was she? Can it be covered? On the contrary, this action undoubtedly made her more attractive and cuter. At this moment, I really couldn't help it, and boasted: Xiaoqin, you are so beautiful... The confused she just responded with a um in her nose, and as I spoke, I once again turned to her jade The body rushed. What good treasures can monks have during the YL Doll foundation building? Male Sex Dolls It's just that the sudden loss of two very good friends, Xu shopkeeper's heart is also somewhat empty. I leaned down and took a bite, licking, sucking and biting with relish. The other hand was also stroking on her fierce breast. Before the man surnamed Yin had time to speak, Xuanyuan Mingmie walked in first. There was nothing in the cave except for a luminous stone inlaid on his head. My hands and mouth kept playing with it, and Xiaoqin was obviously trembling too. At this time, I stretched one hand down and stroked the little beanie under her, pinching and squeezing again. It turned, causing Xiaoqin's whole body to shake, and couldn't help but whispered: Don't move there, it hurts and itchy... My hand moved along the way and moved to Fengwai, where it was already flooded. I was lying in Xiaoqin's awkward room, and the already fierce cock pushed her wet parts. Yao Ze touched his nose and quickly coughed a few times, 'Then let's go around from the west. It takes only three months to go around like this...' I only felt that Xiaoqin twisted his waist and cried out: It hurts. , It hurts, it's lighter... please lighter... Seeing that there were more and more monks in the hall, he didn't delay anymore, turned and left the wooden building, but to Curvy Sex Dolls his surprise, Nangongyuan and Jiang Huo had disappeared. It will be well soon, I will be careful... I held the stick and pointed it at the petals. With the help of Yin Shui in the past, I went in a little bit in front, and finally encountered a barrier. 'Friend Zige, I just arrived today, and I don't know much about Shang Zhou. If you find it convenient, can you introduce it?' Yao Ze was not polite and directly asked. I knew by instinct that it was something a virgin would have. I was very happy at once, and Xiaoqin was also frowning at this time. I knew that she must be in pain, so I didn’t rush in and stretched out. Passed her mouth to kiss her lips, and grabbed the full stalk with both hands. While I was sucking her fragrant tongue, I was doing whatever I wanted on the two boats. Yao Ze's angry nose was crooked. Originally, he wanted to solve it peacefully, but he didn't expect this product to go up and do it. He whispered, 'You retreat to the pool...' Soon, Xiaoqin frowned. Also slowly let go, accompanied by bursts of Sino Doll Sex Dolls chuckling and tenderness. I seized this opportunity and sank down. In that moment, Xiaoqin's virgin virginity, who had held on for 20 years, was declared lost. The unicorn felt a deep chill and couldn't help being surprised, 'Humans, this king can make friends with you, you know, how lucky it is to be a friend of this king.' I saw Xiaoqin. The tears were about to flow down from the pain, and my stick went to the depths of Huaxin. I knew she must be very painful, so I didn’t move immediately after going in, and I still kept pushing her. Xiangtong, while holding her breasts, just after I used both hands and mouth for a while, Xiaoqin whispered in my ear: OK, you can move slowly. The fangs were exposed, and under chewing, the squat voice could not be heard, but the eyes became scarlet, and the whole body was struggling violently, as if to pounce, but the bloody little sword on the limbs flashed sharply. The runes flowed, and the skeleton could not break free. So I twitched slowly, and every time I twitched, Xiaoqin hummed. To be honest, my stick is not very long among Chinese people, but it is also in the upper middle. Everyone around had their heads drooped on their chests, one by one, like puppets, without a trace of change on their faces, as if they had not seen anything. The thick and long guy moved slowly in Xiaoqin's narrow cavity. At first, Xiaoqin was a little uncomfortable. Fortunately, it didn't take long for Xiaoqin to feel the unprecedented pleasure. The feeling of fullness, the feeling of friction, and the shock of the stick made her whole body refreshed. 'Elder Yao, should we quit first?' Ji Yun's eyes flashed, his eyes turned slightly, and he said suddenly. I started with short thrusts, and quickly adapted to the tightness of the cavity, and then slowly increased the intensity of thrusts, so as the thrust of the thrusts accelerated, and the violin hummed straightly, fascinated. , I know Xiaoqin has slowed to adapt now. So there was no more worries, and he sprinted like a tiger with full force. Ye Bai let out a sigh of relief, he had already made up his mind, for the time being, no matter how the Blood Moon Sword begged him, he would not agree to let the bloodletter. Just crawling for a while, I carried Xiaoqin’s jade on my shoulders, kneeling myself, and clearly saw the combination of the two underneath, a thick and long thing in and out of the pink pussy Reading, maddening, that lustful water wets the light inside. 'I can't say that. Brother Ye Bai is destined to enter the ten major sects. By that time, everything will be different.' Because they are both for the first time, plus Xiaoqin has just broken his body, and his small pussy She was very sensitive, and it took me a long time before she came to Gao Jiao. I wanted to take a break and come back again, but Xiaoqin knew that I was not in size, so she hugged me tightly, not letting my stick leave her small pussy, after a short pause, I lay on Xiaoqin’s naked body again. The gust of wind and rain slammed into the depths of Xiaoqin every time. Entering the top 300 means that a different life has begun, and their future and destiny have also undergone tremendous changes. We are very ecstatic. Finally, after more than a hundred times, I also reached Gao Jiao, and the hot stream of heat came out like an arrow. Because from the foundation-building realm to the golden core realm, in fact, the biggest difficulty is the need for massive amounts of pure spiritual power to support the process of gathering alchemy! And Xiaoqin also instinctively stood up, feeling the man's last horror. Xiao Huangwen-Les Wenye's vernacular, the wet-looking les Wenye turned his head, spread his hand, and then in his hand, a flying sword with purple light, uneven sword body, full of gaps, appeared. I was lying on Xiaoqin's body, and Xiaoqin hugged me tightly at the moment I was in, so we were both naked together. After being exhausted, we just hugged and fell asleep naked, and we didn't even have time to clean up the dirt on our lower body and bed. Qiao Lin seemed particularly excited at this time, not knowing why this topic made him feel embarrassed, or the question had reached the soul torture deep in his soul. When the early morning sun shines into the room from the window, I woke up from my sleep and found that Xiao Qin was still asleep in my arms. I pulled out the scattered hair scattered on Xiao Qin’s face. Because Xiaoqin's face became more red after Gao Jie passed, it was as attractive as a red apple. At this moment, her naked body is so smooth and flawless. I have not completely withdrawn from the lower body, but I can still feel it. The warmth inside, looking at the jade man in my arms sleeping, I don't know if it is the temptation of the jade body or the morning erection in the morning, I feel that my lower body not only has the posture of raising my head again. What kind of words do this man say so badly as soon as he opens his mouth? Doesn't he know that his body is very weak, or that he has reached such a very dangerous place in this situation! At this time Xiaoqin also woke up. When she raised her head and saw that I was silently looking at her face, she shyly buried her head in my arms. Sorry, I... I got up late and made you laugh. I will get up and wash you up. Shabu of water, I was about to get up after I finished talking, I pressed her down and it was okay. I really like watching you sleep peacefully, like a sleeping beauty, and Xiaoqin blushes, a rural daughter-in-law. Fu's Bentong made her know that she was about to get up to set up breakfast for her family and wait for her husband to wash up. Because according to this situation, if everyone is not curious, it would be a hell. Of course, it is very happy to have such a bloody thing in such a busy place. So she said shyly: It's time to get up too, otherwise my mother and sisters will laugh at us in a while, and it's not too early now. Are there many things left today? . I was obviously thinking, maybe it was because I felt very happy in my current situation that Wu Bingbing's thoughts were aroused, and Wu Bingbing is now in a lawsuit with her old justice. So I let go and held her hand, and she got up too, who knows that when she sat up, her face tightened with a grunt, it turned out that my stick was still in her little pussy. , Because of the morning erection phenomenon, now it is already firmly inserted in her small pussy? Both of them didn't pay attention to this when they were talking silly words. Now that she is together, why doesn't it hurt? So I slowly withdrew my lower body, and when my cock got out of her small pussy, she made an ah, ah, oh, ah, I helped her, sorry, I hurt you last night... It feels like he feels that he is getting farther and farther away from his own world, when the elevator is closed for that moment. It’s okay, the pain is no longer so much, I will clean up first, and after a while, she replied shyly and then she woke up with discomfort. After she got up, I lay down for a while and watched the weather. Ready to get up, only then did I find that the white sheets were red and red, as fresh as peach blossoms in full bloom, which reminded me not only of last night's sorrow. Filled me with happiness. And if you treat me in this way, don't you feel helpless? I tell you what you are not boring.