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Ford Mercury Shop Manuel 1977 (5 Volumes full)

Norwegian tanker SOLFONN of convoy HX.84 arrived in the Clyde on the 10th. The destroyers joined the Commander in Chief at 1200/11th in 62-46N, 11-58W. Destroyer ENCOUNTER was escorted to Gibraltar by destroyer FORESTER. They arrived at 0800/7thThe destroyer was repairing till 23 November. Light cruiser SHEFFIELD arrived from Azores patrol at Gibraltar at 0600/6th. The destroyers went on without having incident arriving at Belfast on the 9th. Armed merchant cruisers CHITRAL, which was to the northwest of Iceland, CALIFORNIA and WORCESTERSHIRE, which had been to the south of Iceland, departed their stations for the Clyde on the 8th.
The convoy arrived at Suez escorted by sloop GRIMSBY on the 23rd. private antwerpen escort of 819 Squadron from aircraft carrier ILLUSTRIOUS forced landed near light cruiser GLOUCESTER at 1400. The crew of Sub Lt A. F. Keith, Lt G. R. M. Going, TAG H. Phillips was picked up by GLOUCESTER's whaler and was transferred back to the carrier in the light cruiser's Walrus aircraft. This crash was later located to be due to contaminated fuel. Destroyers WISHART and WRESTLER departed Gibraltar to rendezvous with aircraft carrier ARGUS and light cruiser DESPATCH arriving from England.
escort anvers
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Tanker PASS OF BALMAHA departed Alexandria and joined this convoy at sea. Takitaki Escort Directory Antwerpen departed on the 5th carrying troops and one heavy anti-aircraft battery. Convoy OB.239 departed Liverpool, but due to the presence of German surface heavy cruiser ADMIRAL SCHEER in the North Atlantic, she proceededto Oban and did not sail until 10 November. Following working up she operated in the 7th Destroyer Flotilla in the Dwelling Fleet. Destroyers MASHONA and KEPPEL departed the Clyde at 1345 and arrived at Scapa Flow at 0700/4th. Just after becoming delayed by engine space defects, Anti-aircraft ship ALYNBANK departed Scapa Flow at 0040 to escort convoy EN.17 from the vicinity of Aberdeen to Pentland Firth. Destroyer VIMY arrived at Scapa Flow at 1715 following escorting Armed merchant cruiser COMORIN to her Northern Patrol Station.
Armed merchant cruiser CHITRAL was also at sea on this duty. British tanker SAN DEMETRIO arrived at Rothesay accompanied by British tug SUPERMAN and escorted by destroyer ARROW on the 16th.
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  • Convoy SL.55 departed Freetown escorted by armed merchant cruiser MORETON BAY to 2 December.
  • Convoy BN.8B departed Bombay carrying the troops from convoy WS.three.
  • Destroyer DECOY, which had just arrived from escorting convoy ME.3, was bombed by Italian bombers in Alexandria Harbour and suffered heavy damage aft.
  • Minelayers SOUTHERN PRINCE, PORT NAPIER, PORT QUEBEC, MENESTHEUS, AGAMEMNON laid minefield SN.45 off the northwest coast off Ireland, escorted by destroyers BATH, ST MARYS, ST ALBANS.
  • Anti-aircraft cruiser CURACOA transferred to convoy EN.25 and proceeded with this convoy to Pentland Firth.

Late on the 8th, aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL, escorted by heavy cruiser BERWICK and light cruiser GLASGOW, launched an air raid on the Italian seaplane base at Elmas close to Cagliari. This airstrike was provided the operation name of CRACK. Soon after refuelling, the destroyer stood by to await orders. British steamer CATFORD was broken by German bombing southwest of Swin Buoy in the Thames Estuary.


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Destroyers MASHONA and KEPPEL departed Scapa Flow at 0030 to meet armed merchant cruiser LETITIA and troopships EMPRESS OF AUSTRALIA and ANTONIA on passage from Iceland to the Clyde. British minefield BS.44 was laid by minelayers TEVIOTBANK and PLOVER and destroyers INTREPID and ICARUS. U.31 was sunk by destroyer ANTELOPE, escorting convoy OB.237, northwest of Ireland in 56‑26N, 10‑18W. Convoy SLS.54 departed Freetown and arrived at Liverpool on the 26th. Light cruiser AJAX, which departed Alexandria on 30 October, landed troops of the 2nd Battalion of the York and Lancaster Regiment at Suda Bay on the 1st.