What is a CBD flower?

Hemp, a plant with special flowers

Cannabidiol, abbreviated CBD HEMP, is a molecule secreted by the flowers of hemp. This dioeciously plant has male plants with bell-shaped flowers and female plants where dense flowering tops called buds form. It happens that both types of flowers are on the same plant, so this is a special case of monoecism hemp.

CBD HEMP FLOWER growers are more interested in female hemp flowers, as male plants are often banned from cultivation. By using feminized seeds, they avoid pollination of female flowers which would give seeds instead of buds.

The female flowers are the best tasting ones and produce the most resinous substance (chief) with CBD. Other molecules and terrenes, the aromatic signature of the plant, are also found in this secretion, the natural role of which is to ward off harmful insects.

The floral top of hemp

The female heads of pollinated hemp are called "sinsemilla", from Spanish "sin similar" which means "without seed". Before being consumed, these flower heads are harvested and cleaned, sometimes even pruned.

The CBD flower, distinction of an active principle

Not all female hemp buds are CBD flowers. This name concerns only the flowers of certain botanical varieties. Their particularity is that they secrete a large proportion of CBD as well as a tiny or even zero amount of THC.

CBD, a natural active ingredient

CBD is known for its relaxing effects. Numerous scientific studies carried out on this molecule underline its harmlessness and lend it therapeutic properties. What is more, this active principle would not cause any dependence. All these reasons encourage consumers to take an interest in CBD, especially since natural solutions are in vogue and this molecule comes from hemp.

moking CBD flower

It is possible to smoke CBD flower just like you do with other plants. But the combustion of a plant material causes smoke which, when inhaled, carries harmful substances into the respiratory tract. The health complications that can ensue are not negligible. What is more, combustion causes a loss of the active principle and is not the optimal solution for feeling its effects.

Spray CBD Flower

Vaporizing the CBD flower is less harmful than smoking it. Specific devices, vaporizers, have been designed and incorporate a system that allows this. This way of consuming transmits the CBD and the herbal flavors of hemp much better than combustion. In short, the vapor is less dense than the smoke but more pure.

Infuse CBD flower

Rather, it is recommended to infuse the CBD flower by mixing it in hot water. A CBD infusion is prepared like a herbal tea, with this ready detail that you have to add a fatty substance like soy or coconut milk. CBD is not hydrophilic; a lipid supply allows the diffusion of the molecule in water.

Keeping your CBD flowers

Air, light and heat cause the flowers to dry out and affect the quality of the CBD. This is why it is advisable to store CBD flowers in a fairly cool place, in opaque airtight jars or in the shade.

The effects of CBD

Scientific studies on CBD are increasing, giving this molecule very interesting therapeutic properties.

The differentiation between THC and CBD

The law may need to take into account the seeming harmlessness of CBD which, unlike THC, is not addictive. The counter-argument of the harmfulness of the combustion of the CBD flower during its consumption does not seem admissible because the authorities already allow tobacco, a plant containing nicotine which causes addiction. All these elements combined with the experimentation of therapeutic cannabis could lead to a legal arrangement on the CBD flower. The legal status of roll-your-own tobacco that of a semi-finished product, might well suit the CBD flower.