Use proper compare and contrast essay format

As every essay has a structure, the compare and contrast essay format can include an introduction paragraph, followed by two or three paragraphs of the main essay body and the concluding paragraph. This is the general format for writing all types of essays. However, the deviation to this format is required to suit the purpose of the essay and its objective.

Hence, for writing a paper like cause and effect essay, the format needs a little modification, to include a feature by feature comparison of the two objects in the required essay format, to understand the importance of comparing the similarities and contrasting the dissimilarities between two objects in the meaningful manner. A lot of students also want to get professional writing help from write my essay for me UK.

However, as the format for writing an essay is also about the page layout, line-spacing, title page display, and the font size prescription as well as the writing style regulation, students require to follow all these instructions, strictly, while preparing their compare and contrast essay format.

The guidelines given below would help students to draft a proper format that will specifically serve the purpose of writing a compare and contrast note to evaluate any two objects, with regard to a certain objective. However, due to the constraint of space, we are not giving any instructions for the block format to be used in writing any general English essay.

Introductory paragraph

This is the first paragraph of the cheap essay writing service that would include the essay statement or the thesis statement. Generally, this could be the objective that students have in mind while they compare the two given identities. For example, if the students were looking for a motorbike, then they would need to give a hint to the readers on the type of bike, which they want to buy. This would include a few available brands and exclude the rest, like racing bikes, etc, if the student is not interested in it. Hence, the objective statement should be present in the introductory part of their compare and contrast essay format, although written in just a couple of sentences only.

In addition, students should also give enough hints to readers on the points that would be compared in the main essay body.

Main essay body paragraphs

The main body could be of two or three paragraphs. Students must take each point and discuss it in one paragraph while comparing all the relevant issues related to this basic point. For example, if students are discussing the technical feature of a car, one point could be the engine power in terms of ìccî. Therefore, students can explain if two cars are having same engine ìccî specification but there may be a difference in their brake horsepower (BHP) or fuel consumption. However, these two features would be compared in next paragraphs, while students maintain the coherence and transparent flow of the essay contents at the


This should summarize the points given in the main essay while maintaining the opinion of the writer about the two objects. However, students can also look at process essay and descriptive essay to understand the technique of essay writing.

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