Since the dawn of the computer and its users, a lot of things have vastly changed. Included in this continuing development of features are the various kinds of files and software in today’s computer era. One of the more used type of file right now is the portable document format which is more typically referred to as PDF. It is largely connected with Adobe Inc., an American computer software company that is responsible for the development of the PDF. However, pdf magic chrome extension is now currently a freeware that is independent from any associated programs. Commonly, when you try to open a certain file, it must be through a specific program. In contrast, PDFs can be opened even on a random web browser and users can still enjoy basic features like viewing, zooming, and printing.

PDFs are very useful in variety of ways. As aforementioned, it is a free software that can be opened in several programs. Also, when one uses PDF, the different levels of content security offered in the file is also available to them. As a result of this content protection, the third advantage that PDFs have to offer is its structural integrity. Once a PDF is saved, it shows the exact structure and content that it was saved in, from the pictures, text until the minute indentations. The abovementioned can exactly explain why a lot of people prefer using PDFs. This is also why there are several third party developers that have created their software around PDFs.

However, not all programs are made equally. PDF Magic File Converter is a PDF-centric program that, unlike its counterparts, strives to improve its features. Communication and advertising company VPP Technologies created PDF Magic File Converter. PDF Magic File Converter is purposely made to undertake the concerns that often arise when considering other PDF file converting programs.

Some of these problems would be the inability to convert multiple files, the small selection of of supported files for PDF conversion, the accessibility of your downloaded file, and the general layout of the converter. These drawbacks have been effectively addressed by PDF Magic File Converter. First of all, users of PDF Magic File Converter can convert limitless numbers of files. PDF Magic File Converter also supports and converts over 30 file types and these converted files are automatically downloaded and launched. Lastly, PDF Magic File Converter is a no-fuss Chrome extension that has a very minimalist layout where things are all very visible and easy to distinguish.

PDF Magic File Converter is your go-to handy and easy to use program that adapts to its customers’ needs.