How to Make Money Selling Cars

 The car salesman's salary is always a topic of interest. For the car salesperson, the money you make can be determined by the company you work for and their standards. Some give bonus incentives to going above the sales goals set for you, while others offer commission only positions. Depending on the type of work you do, commission or hourly, you want to make as much money as possible. Here are a few automotive training sales tips for you to use.

Set a Goal for Yourself

Setting goals for your sales will help you to have something to work towards. Keep track of your sales daily, and then at the end of the week see if you exceeded your own sales goal. When you set goals for yourself, you are more apt to pay more attention to the customers and their needs to get the sale. You are your own worst critic, and if you think you will not make your goals, you will push yourself harder to try to exceed them.

Qualify Your Customers

When you initiate a conversation with your customers to begin building a relationship, you ask many questions to get an idea of what they are looking for. Use this information wisely, and ask questions accordingly. Look at every customer as if they have a credit score of 850, and they can afford any type of vehicle you suggest. As an auto salesman, your job is to sell the vehicles and give the customer what they want. Remember that almost 75% of the people who walk on your lot are ready to buy that day. Don't let the opportunity pass you by because you think they are only looking. Don't pre-qualify your customers, but take the time through your questioning to make sure you not only avoid wasting their time, but avoid downsizing your paycheck. If you have any inquiries about wherever and how to use auto verkopen zonder keuring, you can get hold of us at the website.

Get Out of Your Own Way

Most use car lots or new car lots have a group of salespersons standing around talking when a customer approaches. This is definitely not helping your paycheck. When your customer walks onto the lot, they are already thinking about which salesperson is going to help them. Be available to your customer, and stay away from the other salespersons. This not only makes you ready to help, but will make the customer think you are more businesslike than your associates. You will make more money being available to your customer when they arrive, than you will if they have to seek you out for help.