Nike Phantom GT Elite Review

The Phantom GT Elite FG boot is actually a tried and tested one wrapped up with what it takes to be a soccer player's favorite. If you're a fan of Nike, then you should have heard or even tried the Phantom Venom and Phantom Vision.

Clearly, the idea behind Nike Phantom GT Elite FG is actually that it comes to replace the Phantom Venom and Vision.

Essentially, it is a mix of the very best properties of its predecessors to give it a unique structure and feel that captures the world of soccer players.

The first thing you'll notice when you get hold of the boot is how sleeker it looks compared to its predecessors, and I really like the look. Additionally, the moment you slid your feet into these boots, you will definitely be a witness to the extra comfort you'll feel.

Nike need to have thought of extra functionality when designing the Phantom GT Elite FG because it's richly embedded in the boot. Undeniably, the features of this boot-from its look and feel, upper technology, to the sole of its, you'll see some major advances that should excite any ambitious soccer player. There's really much to learn about this product, and that's what this Nike Phantom GT Elite FG review seeks to do. Let's dive straight into it.

The Nike Phantom GT Elite FG boot is actually simple and elegant. This's an advantage it has over its senior counterparts (Vision and Venom). A well designed, yet simple boot is always a plus for me. When you're on the field, you'll need to strap on a boot that is going to look good on you and also offer you maximum comfort as you run up and down. This is exactly what you get from the Phantom GT Elite.

In the event you like lightweight boots, then you will get exactly that. The Phantom GT Elite is lighter than the previous Phantom designs, which provides you much more flexibility when on the field. Furthermore, it is a soft boot that does not give you discomfort or perhaps create pressure points even if you pull laces really tight. It's however extremely tightly fitted.