Garena Free Fire Operation Chrono Patch Updates

Garena Free Fire Pc has once once more changed its name on application shops in reference to its newest patch called OB25 or “Operation Chrono”. Like all Garena Free Fire updates, this patch has some thing enjoyable in store for everyone. A lot more than the usual contents of patch notes like rebalancing and bugs, there are also a few surprises in OB25.

The initial thing that players ought to know about OB25 is that the setting has grow to be futuristic dystopian in theme and Operation Chrono requires spot in an urban slum region with advanced technologies. This update is really really timely due to the release in the much awaited Cyberpunk 2077, a dystopian action part playing game having a bit of very first individual shooter here and there. So, without having a lot ado, listed here are the new and exciting updates from the OB25 - Operation Chrono patch. To download Garena Free Fire Pc, just go to Games.LOL and look for the game!

• New Season

Clash Squad Season 4 is ultimately here and all players who're in a position to reach Gold III and much more will receive a Clash Squad restricted edition weapon which can be the Golden P90. free fire pc is really a jazzed up version of the trustworthy SMG type weapon. Apart from its shiny new golden exterior, the Golden P90 also has black flames beneath it and an embossed skull symbol. Aside from the prized weapon, Clash Squad Season four was also enhanced within the matchmaking aspect. Pre-made teams will likely be matched against other pre-made teams to assure the balance of both squads.

• New Weapon

The newest weapon in Garena Free Fire will also be the initial ever weapon of its category which probably means much more from the same kind of weapon will probably be released quickly adequate! The Vector Akimbo is really a brief range submachine gun with a damage of 22, 30 magazines, and a 0.08 rate of fire. Probably the most crucial point to note about akimbo weapons is the fact that two guns could be used, a single in every hand. Dual-handed weapons are specifically advantageous in close to mid-range combat.

free fire download pc Updates

Fire Pass users can now ultimately get much more of what they paid for in this new update. Fire Pass users will now get a brand new and enhanced user interface that lets them see their mission progress. There may also be weekly missions instead from the usual veteran and elite missions.

• New Collaboration

Out of all these updates, essentially the most important 1 is the collaboration among Garena Free Fire and international football legend Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s hero is known as Chrono and he is the main character within this dystopian future. Ronaldo, or Chrono, is actually a playable character for this patch.