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Always try to strike at the base of the ankle where it meets up with the foot or, against attackers with light to no foot covering, the point where the toes connect to the foot.As you can see, there are many good targets that you can strike on a man's body that will give you the advantage, or at least the time to escape. But remember, learning these lessons, and learning how to apply effective techniques that actually work in a real attack are two completely different things.Take the time to know what you need, and then seek out a knowledgeable, qualified, and (more importantly" "experienced" women's self-defense expert to teach you what you need to know to be safe, secure, and prepared! Alphanation Combat Fighter Strike requires more than just a few "karate moves."

It involves the ability to think strategically, and understand how to defend yourself with as little wear-and-tear on you as possible - against an attacker who will be bigger, stronger, and determined to succeed!In the realm of women's self-defense training, there are generally two very different theories. One says that a woman can learn the same techniques, tactics, skills and strategies as a man - that self-defense is no different for men and women. The other "camp" says that the only thing that a woman needs to know is how to deliver a well-placed kick to the groin and she's home free.And I say that they're both full of it!