Garena Free Fire Sits on Top of the Battle Royale Genre

Despite being a seemingly new genre, battle royale games have already been around for a while. What makes battle royales such a roller coaster ride is its seamless mix of action, exploration, and scavenging for equipment. The first “battle royale” game is probably Bomberman which was published in the 90s, but the genre was only ever able to establish its core concept due to the Japanese action thriller 2000s film Battle Royale. Since in the movie, the concepts of scavenging and survival was used, it was also the one applied to battle royale games.

Today, the genre has persisted and has become probably the most popular games in recent history. An example of a battle royale game that was able to take advantage of this popularity is Garena Free Fire which became the most downloaded mobile game in 2019. The game continued to be able to do this though they had many competitors.

Also referred to as Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire, Garena Free Fire is an online battle royale type game with third person shooting perspective, published by big game name Garena International. On September 30, 2017, mobile game Garena Free Fire was unveiled. Even though it was released almost three years ago, the game was able to sustained its popularity. Its 500 million downloads and placement in the billion dollar ranks of gaming is a testament of its success. To carry out this, the game had differentiated itself from its peers in a number of ways.

The game modes of Garena Free Fire is among the epitome of a truly exhilarating battle royale third person shooter game. The first difference is the speed by which the game finishes. The battle against 50 players in a small island, of course, results in shorter yet more tension inducing games. free fire game can also choose among three different maps. Clash Squad is another game mode where two teams with 4 players each can battle it out within seven rounds. The rampage pass, conversely, is a mission and collection points between two factions.

Probably the game’s most defining feature is the playable characters in the game. Usually in other battle royale games, players may only modify their characters up to an extent. These are commonly in terms of gender or cosmetics. The 24 characters that exist in Garena Free Fire is what made the game an exceptional one. Each one of these characters their very own special skills that is best used in parties.

There is no need to completely differentiate yourself from others to achieve victory in your field. Perhaps a good way to look at it is by reworking an existing model that already works. Garena Free Fire used this method to ensure its success. It found the perfect combination of excitement, trendiness, and expert mobile game development that is easy to play, become hooked on, and eventually love.