The courses for lawyers are the best tool that we lawyers have to achieve the continuous improvement of our training.

We all know that we move in an increasingly competitive market in which we no longer only compete with our colleagues in our environment but also through marketing to lawyers and law firms the range of legal services is increasingly broad and complex. Law firms segment better the clients they want to attract, creating service packages more suitable to their needs.

In we have made the selection of courses for lawyers that we would have liked to do at some point in our career as lawyers. 

We have grouped the courses into 4 thematic areas:

Administration and Management Courses

Accounting Courses

Marketing Courses

English Courses

Computer Courses

Human Resources Courses

With each contract you will receive in your mail a credit for a course of our selection. By email you must provide us with your billing information so that we can issue your invoice and inform us of the title of the chosen course. The Link FormaciĆ³n training centre, responsible for the development of the courses, will manage the registration of the lawyer in the platform so that within 48 working hours you can start studying.

All the courses are carried out telematically through access to an educational platform in a secure environment. Keep the username and password that will be provided by the training centre.

At the end of the course you will take a test to prove that you have taken advantage of the course.

The lawyers who finish the course with success will receive a diploma certifying that they have completed the training course.

Herranz Ramia

We offer legal advice in the following disciplines: Criminal Law Labour Law Administrative Law Civil Law Inheritance and Wills Insurance and Accident Law Commercial Law Real Estate Law

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