SANTA BARBARA COUNTY IN THE UNITED STATES GIVES GREEN LIGHT TO CANNABIS CULTIVATION / Its cultivation promises to become a big business / Courtesy: Notitarde.- The use of Cannabis for years has been demonized by its links to drugs, but a growing industry is positioned without measure in dispensary Santa Bárbara, California , after the restrictions for its cultivation have been forgotten.

Apparently the use of medical and even recreational Marijuana is accepted in this area of North America that gives a tremendous welcome to its cultivation.

Several businesses are already as large as 150 acres of land like the other giants of the world, which are in Colorado and British Columbia.

According to experts on the subject, investors see this business as profitable and plan to join and the existing ones to expand their borders.

Promise of growth The famous wine country with its gigantic oak trees, tasting rooms, Woodwork and sleepy seaside town, has become the unlikely capital of California's legal cannabis market.

Now, row after row of white plastic greenhouses stretch amid vineyards and country estates in awe of the most traditional farmers.

Green Light to Cannabis Cultivation Pressured by the cannabis industry, Santa Barbara County officials have opened the door to big business over the past two years like no other county in the country.

Another defining thing about this business is that the authorities decided to track operations based on gross income rather than licensed square footage.

Notably, even though the county does not have a method to verify the numbers. They have received a fraction of what their consultants produce.

Detractors of the idea The cannabis boom has sparked a backlash from residents and wine growers who are affected by the smell.

Courtesy: On the other hand, farmers fear that spraying their plantations could make them financially responsible for contaminating millionaire marijuana crops.

Since if a pesticide reaches these fields, the product can be damaged, which in this case is Cannabis.

Fearing for their businesses and their quality of life, they have organized with activist groups, hired lawyers, filed lawsuits and zoning appeals.

Finally, and in response, county officials argue that the industry will boost the agricultural economy, provide jobs, and strengthen government coffers.

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