Tips for Maintaining the New Car

Many of us know that the best part of an automobile is the purchasing, and the worst part is maintaining. We all know that maintenance is very dull but is essential. Spark plugs, condenser, breaker points are the occasional changes, but lubricating & oiling, electrical checks, fuel tanks, etc., are the regular sort of checks. These small changes can make the car live more and also improves the look. Given below is the checklist of points that will help you to keep the car brand new.

1. Keep it Clean & Organized

Cleaning means making the car spotless, inside out. Don't hog the car with unnecessary stuff, and organize means keep everything in place. For example, documents must be kept in front, remove bottle and coffee cups from the cup holders, put your bag on the back seat. In this way, the car looks neat and clean, and hence the new look is maintained.

2. Change oil frequently

When a car runs on the road, hundreds of parts move along with the tires, which causes friction. That's why it is essential to lubricate those moving parts, and the Engine is the most important of them. The Engine makes the car moving, so its oil gets dirty very frequently, and if you missed changing it, then the wear and tear of your car engine will begin, leading to affect your car efficiency and more significant problems.

3. Focus on Batteries and Fluids

Batteries are the car's powerhouse. Minor damage to the batteries can cause burnt-out wires and hence the more extensive damage. That's why it is advised to check the car batteries once a month; look for water level, connections, rust, and more.

Other than the engine oil, many fluids like brake oil, coolant, and steering oil need to keep in check to run the car smoothly.

4. Fuel

It is always to check on the fuel before leaving home, and the fuel level of the car must not fall below one-fourth of your tank's capacity. It is advised to choose less adulterated fuel, for example, petrol having 70% alcohol content, because fuel type also affects the engine capacity.

5. Annual inspection

Regularly check on lights (in & out) because lights are means of communication for the drivers while moving on the roads, wipers before the monsoon season to avoid accidents, rotation of tires, checking tire pressure.

Washing or wiping with a wet cloth is not considered car maintenance. There is beyond that. We might not know all the details about the maintenance of a car, so it is advise to follow, so it is recommended to follow the user manual in case of confusion.


Keeping soft toys in the back of the car and sticking stickers on the flat front mirror is a fashion nowadays. If you like doing it, then keep it minimalistic because extra is not good.


Car maintenance is not an easy job. Some parts like batteries, wipers, and lights, etc., can be managed by yourself, but you need professional help like Jaguar Showroom Delhi, who knows the best for you.

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