5 advantages of online learning: education without leaving home

The paradigm shift of education to online learning has been made essential for students keen to progress in their academics. However, there is a thin line between Emergency Remote Learning and online learning. The latter's pedagogical course structure was implemented with training to instructors for showcasing the platform using the necessary steps.

A few months into online education, students and instructors have been able to identify certain perks that make it ideal.

Advantages of Online Learning


The convenience of accessing online studies from the comfort of your home is by far incredible. Students can get instructions through the asynchronous format or the synchronous format, enabling them not to miss out on anything, especially students encountering challenges accessing the physical classroom or suffering from any form of disability.

Students from overseas can get instructed by renowned tutors from renowned institutions globally, bridging the gap between education inequalities. Students can get writing tips to familiarize themselves with the current reference formatting styles.


Students who can't attend a lesson in the stipulated time frame have an advantage taking up on online programs, which gives them the independence of deciding when to study and the pace, ideal for them to ace the exams. Employed students have a hard time balancing work, family, and studies to efficiently manage their time and set up study time, enabling them to grasp new concepts.

They can also seek out in-house or freelance instructors to guide them on achieving better grades and also review their assignments before submission.

Comfortable and student-oriented

The learning environment is comfortable for students. They can freely consult and engage in the students and professors without being teased around, which is custom to plenty of traditional institutions.

Tutors have ample time to find out student challenges in grasping academic concepts. They can formulate a way that eases the student learning journey and ensure that they get better grades. Professors also encourage the interaction between students in matters concerning their assignments and exams to build each other up in having a wide understanding of the academic concepts. This form of consolation has enabled students to undertake online courses better than their peers, with the retention rate increased from 25%-60%.


Studying at home is financially convenient than the conventional class setting. Getting an online degree will enable the student to use $50,000 less with the traditional setting student accumulating debts accounting to over $37,000 while graduating. The expenses are incurred while catering for activity fees, dorm, transportation, etc. The average cost for the sleeping arrangement is estimated to be $10,000-$12,000 annually.

There are also discounts offered for students who enroll in online education, scholarship, and an online course's general pricing is much lower than in a conventional setup. Companies that have implemented online learning have to their program have saved up tons of money on employee transportation to a physical classroom, costing over 60% of the total cost. Students can access free online courses from reputable institutions and free grammar and plagiarism checks for their essays.


Students studying at home have the advantage of selecting a program from an array of programs available online and from different instructors and institutions. Students can quickly review a course to see if the style of teaching is ideal for them. Students can pick out courses that aren't available in their respective local institutions, designed from beginner to expert level enabling them to choose the level they best fit.

For employed students who account for the majority of online students can choose niche programs from experts in their respective fields, enabling the students not to spend time on several other subjects that do not directly impact their job.

Bringing down education barriers

The online education model is endearing to many students and instructors alike, as they have the luxury of picking a suitable time to access the platform. This is advantageous to students from overseas, disabled, or employees looking to advance their careers or experience difficult weather conditions.

Homeschooling will mostly depend on the type of program a student would like to study, depending on the goals and ambitions. Some of the programs require a person to person interaction to excel in them.