What are Gold Cap Mushrooms –Spores and Effects?

If you have had the chance to try out psilocybin mushrooms, there is a possibility that one of the many strains could be gold cap mushrooms. Gold cap spores or mushrooms –also going by the names as boomers, cubes, or gold tops, these strains are usually cultivated in the form of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. The overall popularity of this strain is due to the fact that it is ones of the easiest species when it comes to cultivation.

Australian gold top mushrooms are capable of growing in any climatic condition. Let us help you know more about these mushroom strains in detail.

What are Gold Cap Mushrooms?

Gold Cap is the name given to the strain “Psilocybe cubensis.” The given strain is the largest amongst as many as 150 species of the given mushrooms. The gold cap mushrooms dried are also the most well-grown and famous in Australia. The given genus derives its name from a Greek term implying “bare head” –due to its cap-like appearance.

How to Recognize Gold Cap Mushrooms?

P. cubensis was discovered first in Cuba by F. S. Earle –a mycologist from America. These mushrooms are quite easy to spot due to the presence of the characteristic large-sized cap of golden color. At the same time, these mushrooms have the tendency of bruising or turning blue when injured or upon ageing.

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