The reason why "Rakuten Point Dance" became a worldwide boom on TikTok

An interesting phenomenon is happening in the short movie app TikTok

Rakuten Point Dance, which begins with the singing of If you save, Lalala, Rakuten Point , has spread to users all over the world with angry momentum from around August, causing a big boom.

Rakuten point dance related hashtag. The total number of views of the top four is over 170 million. (As of October 9). In most cases, overseas users do not attach hashtags, so the actual total number of views is expected to greatly exceed that.

Surprisingly, this phenomenon naturally spread from the user's voluntary transmission, completely independent of the company's gimmicks and strategies.

Why is Rakuten Point Dance so loved by TikTok users? Also, by what route did the boom spread to overseas users?

Buzz on TikTok after 4 years

The starting point for the dance was the TV commercial for Rakuten Point, which began broadcasting in 2016. The appearance of Rakuten's corporate character Shopping Panda dancing rhythmically was so lovely that it became popular as it was selected as one of the Top 10 Favorable People from the approximately 2,300 TV commercials that were being broadcast at that time .

Four years later, in late August 2020, domestic TikTok users happened to find the sound source of Rakuten Point Dance that was uploaded on TikTok, and posting started (I will explain why this dance spread in Japan later. To be detailed in).

Let's follow the process in more detail.

First, the first user post will start at the end of July. On August 23, a series of dance videos with over 200,000 likes. Furthermore, in September, influencers will participate in the war in the form of being caught up in the boom.

On September 4th, the male idol group ONE N'ONLY released a video with the message #Rakuten's great man, and on September 10th, it has 3.7 million followers. Uchiyamasun (Uchiyamasun☀) followed by 700,000 followers Nagakusa-kun [Official] on the 11th.

Tik Toker from the Philippines with 35 million followers

Immediately after that, overseas users became active in posting Rakuten Point Dance videos.

The decisive post was by Bella Poarch, who has 35 million followers worldwide (as of October 8). Suddenly posted on September 15th, the video attracted 5.3 million likes and pushed the boom worldwide.

Bella Poarch from the Philippines is one of the hottest Tik Tokers in the world today. TikTok just started in April 2020, but it gained 500,000 followers a day, and the lip-sync video released on August 17 was 36.5 million likes, 145.3 million times. Record the number of views. The most watched video in TikFans and it is said that .

Rakuten Point Dance is a style of dancing with all your strength and hard that reflects the character's personality concept. That may have moved the hearts of teenage users who love the Zenryoku series .

In addition, this dance, which is easy to choreograph and naturally incorporates the sexy butt-shaking gesture, may have been renewed with the added value of filling.

In the culture peculiar to TikTok, videos that dance in a dull manner may be accompanied by a comment saying Dance with all your might!.

By the way, how did Bella Poarch learn about "Rakuten Point Dance"?

On the contrary, it seems that the number of views of videos that are dancing sharply (with full power) tends to increase. It's pretty embarrassing to dance in front of the public in the real world, but in the world of TikTok there is a culture of complimenting each other.

Rakuten Point Dance maximizes the value of the user's full power and supports the expression. It is probably because it was a dance that was created to thoroughly pursue and enhance full power while starting from corporate advertising, and that it was in line with the culture of TikTok and spread.

By the way, when I talked to Rakuten's Customer Strategy Department, which worked on TVCM, he was aware of the boom at TikTok and said, "Thanks to you, I am very happy that the content will be enjoyed by a wide range of users .

Regarding the spread on TikTok, he admitted that there was a situation where users were enjoying the content itself, so we didn't hit ads from the beginning.

Regarding TV commercials, he said, We made music, singing voice, dance, 3D movement, etc., with a focus on quality with top-notch creators. Such content has been produced by people across national borders. I was able to deepen my confidence once again that it moved my heart, recalls Buzz.

The buzz phenomenon of such a time difference is not limited to Rakuten Point Dance.

In 2018, Rats & Star's song Me Gumino Hito released in 1983 became a big hit on TikTok. What's more, the sound source was a multi-layered change, such as a high-speed arrangement of a cover version (also released in 2011) by Kumi Koda.

In the case of Rakuten Point Dance this time, it is worth noting that the CM songs sent by companies became the material, despite the buzz of the same time difference.