Is Word Link Similar or Distinct From Other Word Games

Have you ever played a game and you got addicted to it even though you only wanted to relax and unwind? This happens most of the time when you play classic word games that involve words and letters. You'll have a fun and enjoyable way to play for several hours and proceed from one level to another.

If you love to play puzzle games, then you will see that Word Link is extremely addictive and that is no lie. Expect to get engaged for longer hours as you try to solve a puzzle on the board. You may face blanks in each level and you need to fill them in using letters you will link in order. you must form different English words that vary from two to seven letters. This simple yet challenging word game can also be educational as you train your brain and improve your vocabulary. Look for variouswords in a fun way and find extra words that aren't on the board. You can also find the longest word in the puzzle and earn extra bonuses.

• Over 2000 Levels to Complete

It's not enough to play the World Link game in one go because there are more than 2000 levels to beat. classic words game for pc use any cheats to check your vocabulary and findyour way to the next levels. However, hints can be used if you can not really avoid hard levels and discover the right answers on the board.

• Available Helpful Hints

Just like any other type of game, no one can avoid getting stuck at a particular level. Thankfully, you can use the available hints in exchange for 60 diamonds. Unlock the bonus words to help you advance the next time you realize that the answer is just right there but you just can't seem to find it.

• Straightforward Gameplay

It is easy to follow the rules and there are no time limits so you can enjoy a game that is free of stress. You can spend more time to clear each level and move on to another level to make it easier for you. You won't be penalized if you get stuck and you have the choice to leave the game so you can return later with a fresh start. It is a game to you can always play if you want to take short breaks in between your busy day.

• Daily Puzzle Challenge

Apart from the usual puzzles, you can begin solving the Daily Puzzle challenge after finishing level 30 of the game. You can earn more diamonds that you can add to your inventory when you cleared the crossword puzzle in the daily challenge. Come back every day and be rewarded with loads of diamonds when you get the streak.

Have you ever wondered how to play Word Link on PC because you need a better gaming experience on a larger screen? Download and install the game on your desktop or laptop and there is no need to use the emulator to play it. You can also play several mini-games between the regular levels and you'll have all the reasons to play the game every now and then.