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Best Studio Headphones Reviews

Best Studio headphones are an indispensable tool in the production, recording, mixing and mastering of music. But not every headphone is suitable for every job. Headphones are usually divided into three categories: open, closed and semi-open. Since each type of headphone has different advantages and disadvantages, it is important to know in advance what functions the headphones must perform. Whether a singer or music producer, there is a suitable headphone for every step in the studio. Many studio headphones are also ideal for private use, in order to enjoy the pure pleasure of music at the highest level.

Focal Listen Closed Back Headphones

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Focal may not be the first choice for many musicians when it comes to studio headphones, but in 2018 the company released an interesting competitor in the studio headphones segment with the Spirit Professional headphones. The Focal Spirit Professionals particularly stand out due to their design. The padding of the ear cups and the padding of the headband are kept in beautiful, dark red and are a little eye-catcher.

If the red is too conspicuous for you, you can also opt for a black variant. The headphones were primarily developed as monitoring headphones for studio and home studio environments. Thanks to the closed design, mixing is also possible in a noisy environment. Bass frequencies are reproduced very well. The sound is neutral and shows no distortion.

Shure SRH1840

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The Shure SRH1840 headphones are also some of the best studio headphones on the market. In addition to its good design, it convinces above all with a 40mm driver, which enables detailed highs and powerful bass. The open headphones deliver a neutral and natural sound. This makes it easier to mix different speakers.

The SRH1840 is also very comfortable to wear and can be customized. The soft padding covers the ears well and the wearer is also equipped with extra padding. Shure created the headphones with an aluminum alloy and steel grilles that are not only of good quality, but also look good. The headphones are light and robust thanks to the high quality materials. The Shure SRH1840 are suitable for mixing, mastering,


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Another manufacturer that has already made a name for itself in the field of studio headphones is AKG. With the K240 MKII model, the company offers semi-open headphones for studio work. The headphones are one of the most widely used studio headphones. The 30mm XXL transducer ensures strong lows, precise mids and clear highs.

Thanks to the semi-open design, the bass tones come through quite well and at the same time the natural sound is not distorted. The headphones are quite affordable and have velvety ear cups that are very comfortable to wear.

The carrier is made of synthetic leather and ensures the right look. The cables are removable. The light weight is also a great advantage for long work in the studio. The headphones are very suitable for mixing and mastering, as well as studio monitoring. For DJs,

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