4 Benefits Associated With Whole House Generators

Long-term power outages are becoming more common all throughout the country, and this partly due to the increase in floods and other types of natural disasters that are putting extreme stresses on municipal power grids.

Most of us are used to lighting candles and using flashlights at night when the power goes out, but the truth is that this timeless ritual is becoming a thing of the past due to standby generators. There have been many different advancements throughout the standby generator industry, and the most cutting-edge generators today are whole house generators.

Today it’s safe to say that every household should get a whole house generator, but many homeowners simply don’t understand exactly why these generators are such good investments.

So below are 4 important benefits that you should keep in mind if you’re in the market for a new standby generator and are considering a whole house generator!

1. Safety

As the old saying goes, Safety first! And safety is exactly what you and your household will obtain when you get a whole house generator, because you’ll be completely protected during any kind of power outage. The safety net and overall comfort that whole house generators provide truly is priceless, and this is partly because you won’t need to worry about safety mechanisms like with others types of standby generators.

Whole house generators provide a exponentially greater amount of safety as compared to portable generators and other types of traditional standby generators, and this also supports the functionality and safety found throughout your entire home!

2. Efficiency

Standby generators of all types are always going to be rather efficient, but whole house generators just so happen to be by far the most efficient standby generators on the market today.

What’s great about whole house generators is that they’ll truly provide a seamless transition when the power goes out, so you won’t even notice that the power went out at all! There are many standby generators that aren’t quite efficient enough to power up all of a home’s appliances and outlets, which can leave homeowners in a tight spot in terms of deciding what’s most important to keep running during extended outages.

3. Conveniences

Whole house generators are undoubtedly very convenient for homeowners when their municipal power goes out, and many times you won’t even need to turn the generator on because it will be automatically tripped and know when it needs to be activated.

When it comes to convenience during an extended outage, nothing quite compares to whole house generators. The overall conveniences associated with whole house generators are one of the many reasons why homeowners everywhere are choosing this type of standby generator!

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Standby generators of all types are generally pretty expensive, and this doesn’t even include the pricey installation costs. But what’s important for homeowners to understand is that this one-time investment purchase will always go a long way in terms of providing the comfort your household will need for many years to come when the power goes out.

Whole house generators will keep your fridge and freezer completely functional, and they’ll also help make sure that your pipes won’t freeze during winter outages. There truly are so many instances in which a whole house generator can save a homeowner from a whole variety of expensive repairs, so it goes to show that whole house generators will always pay for themselves in the long run!