Common Signs Of Low Testosterone In Men

Low testosterone is an increasingly common problem amongst older men above the age of 40, so it’s important for all men to understand some of the warning signs that they should understand when it comes to lowering hormone levels.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to live with low testosterone anymore, because there are countless health clinics out there that can support men with hormone replacement therapies of all kinds. We’re fortunate to have partnered with the medical experts at Balanced Body Functional Med, a men t clinic, to help us develop this list of common signs associated with low testosterone levels.

So take it from the specialists in that these are the symptoms that you should be on the lookout for!

1. Lowered Sex Drive

Libido directly coincides with testosterone levels in men, and it’s rather common for men to experience lowered sex drives as they get older. And if a man also happens to be experiencing low T, then their decline in sex drive will be much more dramatic.

This loss of sex drive can lead to another common symptom, erectile dysfunction.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Because testosterone has a direct effect on a man’s sex drive, the lack of testosterone subsequently plays a role erectile dysfunction. A lot of older men with erectile dysfunction can actually resolve their sexual issues via hormonal treatments like pellets and bioidentical replication.

There of course are many other issues that can lead to erectile dysfunction, but this problem is something that men should be on the lookout for as a symptom of other hormone deficiencies.

3. Hair Loss

Testosterone helps support many types of male body functions, including the overall production of hair. As we all know, hair loss is a pretty common issue amongst older men; however fewer people understand how hair loss plays a role in hormone deficiencies.

Balding can be the result of many things, but if you are balding then you should take Low T into consideration as a part of why you’re losing your hair!

4. General Fatigue

A lot of men with reported low testosterone levels will also report that they experience general fatigue on a daily basis, and that their energy levels simply aren’t the same. So if you feel tired all of the time, then it may be a sign that you’re suffering from low testosterone levels!

5. Losing Muscles

Testosterone supports the overall growth of muscle mass, so many men who experience low T can actually see significant loss of muscles. Although testosterone may not directly affect your overall strength, you may see that your muscles have shrunken or are generally smaller than they used to be.

Reach Out To The Hormonal Replacement Therapy Specialists To Get Your Testosterone Levels Back To Normal Again!

It can be rather frustrating for a man to undergo the symptoms and overall effects of low testosterone, but you should know that there is treatment available to you and that you don’t have to suffer any longer!

Reach out to the experts at Balanced Body Functional Med via the link at the top of the article to learn more about treating your hormonal deficiencies!