Top 37 Procreate Brushes for Artists on Gumroad

August 17, 2021

Procreate is an absolute powerhouse of an app, but even though there's a decent range of brushes available in the app itself, sometimes you just need more. Thankfully, the Procreate community has been busy creating its own range of (both free & premium) brushes used to create everything from realistic pencil sketches to incredibly detailed digital paintings.

The best Procreate brush sets allow you to add subtle detail or completely new effects to your work. Plus, there are some crazy talented artists out there creating brushes for other creators to try out and enjoy. Check out some of the most popular Procreate brushes available on Gumroad below:

Flora 2: 150 Botanical Brushes for Procreate

The Flora 2: Botanical Brushes Bundle for Procreate by Matthew Baldwin is great for illustrators, concept artists, designers, architects–just about any artist wanting to lay down some verdant growth. This bundle of 150 all-new botanic brushes for Procreate gives you tons of choices for trees, leaves, grasses and tropics. With a few gestural flicks you can create whole habitats, then fill them up with whatever you can dream up!

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Abel Essential 2 - Procreate Brushset

This is the second Procreate brush set released by Marty Abel: featuring the Liquid Ink brush that he used to ink and render all the artwork for the board game; Summoner Wars! The custom made set also includes a variety of other brushes ranging from "Chalkology” to "Rough Ink” and "Earthen Pencil.” Just airdrop or send it to your ipad, and import into Procreate 5 and you're good to go!

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The Comics MaxPack - Brushes for Procreate

The Comics MaxPack is a set of 75 comics-focused brushes designed by Max Ulichney of MaxPacks to give your illustrations energy and character. They're perfect for creators of sharp web comics, grungy graphic novels, stylish editorial illustrations, elegant calligraphy, and anyone who needs subtle, rich linework. 

Whether you’re looking for subtle textures or precision, this set has all you need: including Sable Inkers (premium ink brushes with subtle texture for sensitive linework), Toothy Inkers (with tilt action giving you a rough halftone), Fountain Pens and Tech Pens, Leaky Inker and Blobby Pen, Parallel Pens, Rake Brushes, Charcoal Brushes, Markers and more! No matter the effect you're looking to create, this pack has you covered with a complete toolkit of brushes. 

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Complete Brush Pack: 45 Portrait Brushes

The Complete Brush Pack has all 45 of Laura H. Rubin’s personal portrait brushes in one pack for beginners and pros. Additionally included is one additional tutorial file about how to use the brushes (simply open in Procreate).

The brushes are easy to install and use, with a 7-day moneyback risk-free guarantee! Generate hyper realistic illustration with skin brushes based on real skin. All brushes are stabilized, meaning no more problems with wiggly lines: effortlessly create realistic illustrations with this high-quality brush set!

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The Pastel Pro Pack: Procreate Brush Set

The Pastel Pro Pack from Lane is a collection of highly refined brushes for Procreate. In addition to 48 brushes and 35 natural paper textures for Procreate 5+, you will also receive a demo video with voice-over, as well as bonus timelapse videos and hi-res images for reference. With these brushes, Lane aspired to combine the natural grain of dry media with the fluid blending capabilities of paint.

One of the many highlights of this pack is the trio of Particle/Edge Pro brushes, which can create both airbrush-style gradients and razor-sharp edges. This collection of brushes is ideal for creating soft and hard edges, wide or narrow strokes, or bold or sparse strokes — for more efficient and enjoyable painting. 

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Roof Pattern Brushes for Procreate (54 brushes)

This set of 54 Procreate brushes by KatiSketchArt is designed to help you quickly create seamless roof textures. This is especially useful if you are struggling with creating a specific pattern, or are just getting started as a creative beginner. This set contains the 54 unique brushes, designed to help both beginners and professional illustrators alike create seamless, smooth patterns that look great when finished.

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Procreate Lash Stamp Brushes

Procreate Lash Stamp Brushes by Vegalia is a versatile set of over 20 different lash brushes created for use in Procreate for the iPad. Create a wide variety of styles: from glam to natural — it takes just a swipe of your pen with these versatile brushes. These brushes allow you to quickly add realistic lashes to your digital drawings. With just a couple of brushstrokes, you can achieve realistic lashes in your illustrations..

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Brushes for Painters

Angry Mikko designed this set of 10 brushes to let you paint intuitively and effortlessly in Procreate. Each of the brushes can be used to create an entire illustration without needing to change brushes at all – which is usually no easy task in Procreate. It's best to use these brushes on an iPad with a pressure-sensitive stylus such as an Apple Pencil (the iPhone version of Procreate will no longer support pressure sensitivity as of 2021). Utilize these powerful brushes to start creating digital paintings today.

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The Gouache MaxPack - Brushes for Procreate

There are 52 natural media brushes in the Gouache MaxPack, designed by Max Ulichney. Whatever your goal is: whether it's to recreate the bold, flat marks of a mid-century cartoonist,  the loose, energetic marks of a concept artist, or the delicate shading of a fully rendered fantasy illustration – this set of brushes has what you need.

This pack includes 11 smudge brushes crafted to bring the classic warmth and subtlety of gouache to your digital paintings. From the velvety marks of the Gouache Smooth to looseness of a plein air painter with the Bristle, Split, and Shredded brushes, this set will empower you to paint exactly how you like and inspire fresh new techniques as you explore the Gouache medium (in digital form).

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Spaceship Stamp Set for Procreate

The Spaceship Stamp Set for Procreate is designed to turn on your creativity — these brushes will help you realize it! Open your imagination with this fantastic collection of spacecraft stamps made by bybaobab.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure into deep space with this sci-fi themed Procreate stamp set.

Want to try this out? Click here to get the free version (9 stamps + 5 PNG)

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Jingsketch Procreate Brushes: Complete Collection

Make your ideas a reality with the best-selling Complete Collection from Jingsketch: 50+ time-saving brushes and 5 color palettes used by 100,000+ professionals and aspiring artists around the world. From the ground up, this brush collection was designed for an array of creative challenges.

From 22 precise sketch brushes and 24 expressive paint brushes to smudge, soft & color brushes (another 19 in total), this powerful set of industry-standard tools is suitable for any art style and easy-to-master.

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50+ Procreate Brushes for Hair, Fabric, Plants…

Here is a large set of 50+ Procreate Brushes for Hair, Fabric & Plants by Kawther Arts : use this versatile brush set to break the barrier between the real and digital, allowing you to let your imagination out on your iPad.

To create more realistic drawings on your devices, this set of brushes is made to work with the Procreate app on the iPad. Use these brushes to add hair, plant life, fabric and so much more. This brush set offers fun techniques for adding unique details to your digital art.

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Painting a Realistic Watercolor Portrait in Procreate: From Sketch to Final Piece

This Procreate resource includes much more than just a couple Procreate brushes: which come bundled with a ~2hr HD video tutorial + 1 Procreate file. This course was created by Lettie, an experienced illustrator with nearly a decade of experience, walks through how to paint a realistic watercolor portrait in Procreate. In this step-by-step tutorial, you will go from reference image to Loomis method & digital watercolor painting in 127 minutes.

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Procreate Braid, Twist and Curl Outline Brushes

Procreate Braid, Twist and Curl Outline Brushes by Vegalia includes 20 different brushes usable for drawing braids, twists, and curls in Procreate for the iPad. Create braids & curls effortlessly  with these versatile brushes: effortlessly change up hairstyles and create realistic characters with braids, twists, &/or curls.

With just a few brush strokes, you can achieve realistic braids and curls in your drawings. Each brush has been made in Procreate to mimic the natural motion of each brush stroke, so you can intuitively manipulate and add hair in your illustrations.

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Jingsketch Tutorials Volume 1: Autumn

Learn how to illustrate with professional freelance artist, Jingsketch in this comprehensive tutorial bundle. Jingsketch discusses the approaches, techniques, and theories behind 8 of their favorite illustrations in an interactive eBook/PDF. In this video, you'll learn how to paint with Jingsketch in their style and workflow step-by-step, and view these illustrations at various stages of painting.

You will also receive the original Procreate and Photoshop project files. View video replays to learn more about Jingsketch's approach to painting, experiment with different layers, and discover Easter eggs.

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Heal Country Procreate Brushes

To illuminate this year’s NAIDOC theme of ‘Heal Country’ the team at IndigeDesignLabs created a set of Heal Country brushes that everyone can use in their creative process to celebrate Australia's First Peoples during NAIDOC 2021. The brushes werre created by an all Indigenous team & are usable for all — for those that don’t know about NAIDOC week, it is like Australia day for Australia’s First People!

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Procreate Curl, Coil and Wave Brushes by Vegalia is a complete set of over 50 different brushes usable in Procreate for the iPad. Create hairstyles effortlessly with a stroke of your pen with these versatile brushes. These brushes allow you to quickly change up hairstyles and create realistic hair textures with curls, coils, and waves.

With just a couple of swipes, you can achieve realistic 3D curls in your drawings. Apply these brushes to any character face or item you'd like to create an appealing hairstyle. Each brush has been made using a natural motion with each stroke, which allows you to intuitively manipulate the direction of hair in your illustrations.

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Amazing Watercolor for Procreate

Amazing Watercolor for Procreate by Alaina Jensen features 43 Dynamic Brushes, 12 Blender Brushes and 25 Texture brushes, all carefully engineered to help you make breathtakingly beautiful watercolor artwork in Procreate. Watercolor is very unique medium when it comes to the beautiful textures and happy accidents it can create. These brushes have been designed to interact with each other intuitively, like the real thing – without complicated techniques that interrupt your creative flow.

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Wild Textures: A Fun and Powerful Procreate Brush Set

Looking for lively brushes to inspire you that much when you work on your concept art or illustrations? Wild Textures: A Fun and Powerful Procreate Brush Set by Ittai Manero is here to give you the twist you need! It is a very special set that was made mainly using super fun textures based on photos of the real world by Mario Larra, which have been transformed into really cool and playful brushes, full of life!

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OIL: MasterSet for Procreate (300+ Brushes)

The Procreate OIL MasterSet by MattyB is a hefty bundle, with over 300 oil media brushes. This brush set has got you covered for any oil effect you might want, from thick and slick to thin and scrapey. Lean to fat, you have tons of options! As part of this bundle, you will get 5 oil brush sets covering sketch and line work to canvas and weave choices, as well as board surfaces and alternative textures. Along with that, the OIL MasterSet also includes 30 seamless, tileable background textures (10 canvas, 10 oil paint), 24 rake nibs, and 63 additional poster paint brushes — all explained in a thorough 18-page illustrated manual!

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Dynamic Stippling & Patterns Brush Set for Procreate

Did you ever want to incorporate stippling techniques and beautiful hand-drawn patterns to your work, but were afraid of how time-consuming it would be? The Dynamic Stippling & Patterns Brush Set for Procreate by Ittai Manero contains 64 brushes that will help you achieve that wonderful stippling look and add a tone of detail with a nice collection of hand-made patterns, absolutely effortless, in no time! From 3 incredible inking brushes and 7 precision stipple brushes, to 8 heavy textured stipple brushes and 30-hand drawn, pressure-sensitive pattern brushes, this brush set has all you need to add realistic stippling to your illustrations.

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Procreate Edge/Baby Layed Hair Stamp Brush

Procreate Edge/Baby Layed Hair Stamp Brush by Vegalia includes 20 different brushes for drawing baby hairs and edges in Procreate for the iPad. Create hairstyles effortlessly with a stroke of your pen with this powerful brush set. These brushes allow you to quickly add or edit hairstyles and create realistic illustrations with edges and baby hair.

With just a couple of swipes, you can add realistic layered baby hair in your drawings. The brushes have been designed for easy & intuitive use, automatically matching the direction of your brush strokes.

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Painterly Oil & Acrylic Brushes for Procreate

Painterly Oil & Acrylic Brushes for Procreate by Alaina Jensen includes 46 carefully engineered oil, acrylic, canvas & texture brushes for Procreate — no stamps, special canvas, or elaborate effects, just amazing brushes. These hand-crafted brushes allow you to create realistic oil and acrylic artwork, right on your iPad. Best of all, the brushes are blissfully uncomplicated and 100% customisable, without resorting to any complicated techniques that interrupt your flow.

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The Pixel Art Experience Brush Set for Procreate

Ever wanted to do pixel art on the go with your iPad, without leaving your favorite painting app? The Pixel Art Experience Brush Set for Procreate by Ittai Manero features 46 epic brushes for all your pixel art needs. Start with the 1px “almost pixel-perfect” brush and the 1px rough brush, then use the thin-to-thick brush and 11 pixel-perfect dithering brushes to clean up any artifacts or pixel misplacements. Finally, complete your artwork with 23 amazing pixel patterns and texture that will save you tons of time compared to traditional pixel art.

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NeimyKanani Procreate Brush Set 🌙✨

NeimyKanani Procreate Brush Set 🌙✨ is created by a professional artist who has spent years perfecting the ideal brush set for an effortless workflow and everyday illustrations. The set of 27 custom brushes includes 9 round brushes for smooth strokes and rendering/sketching, 8 dry media brushes (similar to color pencil & chalk), 3 oil paint brushes, 3 inking brushes, and 3 splatter brushes to add realistic effects & media. Each of the brushes is uniquely named and inspired from from vintage, antique, grunge, surrealism, fairytale, and nostalgia themes.

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Galaxy Brushes and Stamps for Procreate

Galaxy Brushes and Stamps for Procreate by Alaina Jensen comes with 55 dynamic brushes and 43 stamp brushes, all carefully engineered to help you make breathtakingly beautiful galaxy art in Procreate. This brush system is based on public domain images of real life nebulae, stars and galaxies from NASA, yet fully responsive and customisable, bending to your own unique vision and allowing you to create the galaxy art your soul craves. These brushes have been designed to interact with each other intuitively, building in brilliance as you add more color and texture.

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Gouache Lovers Procreate Brush Set

Gouache Lovers Procreate Brush Set by Every Tuesday is a custom set of Procreate gouache brushes including 12 unique brushes made specifically to mimic real gouache painting directly in Procreate. With several variations in opacity similar to real gouache’s natural flexibility, you're equipped with limitless options for multiple gouache painting styles. Two bonus brushes are included in the set (Gloppy Edge Round and Gloppy Edge Flat) if you ever need the appearance of extra thick, pop-off-your-screen paint strokes.

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The Watercolor Experience Brush Set for Procreate

The Watercolor Experience Brush Set for Procreate is the culmination of Ittai Manero’s journey to achieve the most realistic and natural possible digital watercolor experience (not an easy task)!  These brushes are made from real watercolor on real paper that were carefully painted, scanned and fine-tuned to work as digital brushes. Combined with high resolution paper textures and a nice collection of real watercolor washes sheets and real watercolor stamps that you can use and mix with your paintings, this is the ultimate digital tool for watercolor lovers! Enjoy 57 procreate brushes, along with 4 hi-res paper textures, 14 watercolor wash sheets, 50 real watercolor stamps, and an example Procreate file to get you started!

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Procreate Pattern Brushes: Hand Drawn, Seamless

Procreate Pattern Brushes contains 40 wonderful hand drawn pattern brushes for Procreate. The patterns are seamless of course and are great to spice up your illustrations! The creator of this set, Art with Flo, has even published a step-by-step video tutorial for beginners. Create captivating illustrations like the example above with this versatile and easy-to-use set of hand-drawn brushes.

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Build a Bouquet Floral Stamp Set for Procreate

Perfect for illustrating flower, leaf & vase shapes. The Build a Bouquet Floral Stamp Set for Procreate includes 45 hand drawn flower and leaf stamps and floral inspired color palette for Procreate handcrafted by Tracey Capone. Leverage this stamp set for lettering projects, invitations, repeat patterns, stickers, illustrations and more. The stamps are flat, with no texture: you can easily change their size, opacity, and color and layer them as needed to create a stunning illustration or design.

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Traditional Procreate Brushes

Professional illustrator Nelli Suneli often gets asked, "How do you make your digital work look so traditional” This package of Traditional Procreate Brushes includes brushes for Suneli’s library of traditional art materials, as well as a few paper texture brushes. This pack includes 16 unique brushes to unlock your creativity in ProCreate. The brushes are designed to match how you would paint or sketch on paper, emulating real-life brush, pencil, and chalk strokes!

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ErgoIndex Brushset Bundle

ErgoIndex Brushset Bundle is the ultimate culmination of all the custom Procreate Brushes created by Ergo Josh! This set includes 40 custom brushes used by over 10,000 other artists to date. This set has all that any Procreate illustrator needs: wiith 10 hair brushes, 4 skin brushes, 7 texture bruises, and 9 sketch brushes — all optimized for easy & intuitive blending, simulating your favorite desktop experience (ie. Clip Studio Paint). As a bonus, 3 procreate files are included with all layers & timelapse footage along with 2 head angle reference sheets to take the stress out of character illustration. Plus, lifetime updates are free!

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Alcohol Ink Brushes for Procreate

Alcohol Ink Brushes for Procreate by Marina Parras includes 40 brushes, 3 colour palettes and 1 texture paper for Procreate. The Set also includes 4 YouTube tutorials that show how to use the brushes. This brush set contain a mixture of high quality, hand-designed and unique bushes that imitate alcohol ink art and are split into 8 different groups: from the basics like alcohol ink and ink liner (5 brushes each), to more sophisticated styles like Ink blotches, textures, and splatters. Also included in the set are blender, glitter, and textured paper brushes to add the finishing touches that bring photorealism to your illustrations.

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Texture Love Brush Pack

The Texture Love Brush Pack is a set of 21 high-quality, high-resolution, seamless texture brushes for Procreate, created from handmade textures by illustrator Tracey Capone. Use these brushes to help add beautiful, textured depth and dimension to your work.These brushes are pressure sensitive and work best with an Apple Pencil, and only in Procreate. A free, floral inspired Procreate color palette is included, as well as a handy PDF with tutorials!

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101 Glitter Brushes Bundle for Procreate

Sparkle to your heart’s content! The 101 Glitter Brushes Bundle for Procreate contains all 100 Glitter Brushes from Skii Illustrations individual Glitter Textures and Sparkle Brushes sets. With this bundle you can apply a wide variety of different sparkles and glitter textures to your artwork — the ribbons are even perfect for typography & lettering. If you’d like, a subset of the brushes are free to try. With 27 glitter textures, 6 glitter ribbons, 6 dual brushes, 8 animal fur textures, 18 sparkle brushes, 18 rainbow brushes, and 18 holo brushes, this set is the complete toolkit to add a unique sparkle to your art! 

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All About Inking for Procreate

All About Inking for Procreate is a brush set for Procreate by The Brush Smith that contains 45 ultra realistic brushes that mimic the best tools for inking on paper in real life, translated to the digital world. Everything was made from real inking tools on paper, scanned and converted into this amazing brush collection that is perfect for comic-book artists and all kinds of illustrators! This brush set includes all kinds of pens, markers, brushes with bristles, toothy markers, chisel tips, ink splatters, alcohol markers, pen scribbles, and a wide variety of inking tools that are sure to impress!

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🎁 Freebie: Hair Brushes for Procreate (5 brushes)

With Nilyn's free set of 5 Hair Brushes for Procreate, you can create extremely detailed illustrations of your hair effortlessly. These brushes are specifically designed to create the look of fine, effective details on your hair, with a minimum of fuss. If you are looking for a set of hair brushes to help create your own artwork, then these are not just awesome — they are also free!

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*note: we’ve done our best to accurately represent the free and paid products, but creators may change their prices at any time.

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