Choosing The Best Webinar Type For You


Over the years, the use of webinars has attracted an audience of different people. It has facilitated the attendance or viewership of people from different nations and language. This is the purpose of webinar software to bring all people in one room. People have attended or hosted webinar sessions about marketing, entrepreneurship, and advocacy. This shows the capacity of webinar platforms to disseminate information to a wide audience at once.

This is why people, businesses, and organizations have greatly embraced the use of webinar platforms. However, some people may not be able to attend those sessions but are able to access it at a later date.

This article is to help you the participants choose the best type of webinar for your schedule. It gives you an insight as to what type of webinar you should choose as discussed below;


Webinar software platforms have a distinguishing feature which is the ability to hold live sessions. In the live type, the host is able to interact with the audience in real time. It creates an inter-personal relationship between the host and his or her audience.

During these sessions, the audience is given an opportunity to ask questions Q&A sessions and there is live chat. It is therefore more interactive and best for businesses while marketing their products.

During the live webinars, the organization is about to reach their clients or future clients. It in return benefits from receiving feedback therefore making it a two way discussion. It gives the participants firsthand information.

Pre-recorded or on-demand

During the live webinar sessions, the host may choose to record his or her session. This is what is referred to as the “pre-recorded or on-demand.” Unlike the live webinar session, the pre-recorded session does not facilitate the two way interaction.

However, this should not frustrate any interested party from viewing the recordings. The pre-recorded sessions are best for people who do not have the time to attend the live sessions. This may include full time employees and people in different time zones.

It might not be a live session but the participant still gets the same knowledge as the audience that attended the live sessions.

Pre-recorded sessions are good for any future references like academic purposes. This is because the information is always readily available. It can also be used and assessed by anyone.

Both online and pre-recorded

This is a combination of both types of webinar sessions. In this type, the participant has the best of both worlds. This is because he or she was able to attend the live session and then obtain the recorded version of the webinar platform.

This type can be used for future references by the different people like in the education category. It gives the audience a chance to obtain firsthand information but also use it for referencing in the future.

Hence, it gives the host an opportunity to reach the audience in two ways both live and pre-recorded.


The categories or types of webinar sessions do cater for all participants and audiences even if it’s at different time. The participant may miss out on the live session but he or she has a chance to redeem themselves by watching the pre-recorded sessions. It gives them an opportunity to acquire the same knowledge or skills as live audience.

Therefore, whichever type of webinar participant you are, the webinar platforms have got you covered in all periods.