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      Robert Ager

      Independent film maker, film analyst, writer, artist, activist and self-help publisher.

      Follow for updates on what Robert Ager is creating.


        Character analysis of Pazuzu demon in THE EXORCIST


          Excavating THE EXORCIST


            Grand Theft Auto V - Trevor Philips character analysis


              ACO - supplementary vids vol 3


                ACO - supplementary vids vol 2


                  Robocop - film analysis videos and PDF article


                    Scarface - full film analysis


                      Corporal Upham: Saving Private Ryan's weak intellectual strawman


                        Saving Private Ryan - War desensitization & promoting war crimes (2 videos)


                          A Nightmare on Elm Street - full film analysis


                            Beyond the violence of Pulp Fiction


                              Apocalypse Now - analysis of village attack scenes


                                How to re-invent yourself (article)


                                  Thoughts on Stanley Kubrick's BARRY LYNDON


                                    The even darker underbelly of THE EXORCIST


                                      The hypnotic beauty of Blade Runner


                                        Vertigo film analysis


                                          Luke Vs the Emperor in Return of the Jedi - film analysis


                                            H R Giger art analysis "The Great Confronter"


                                              Mad Max 2: the Road Warrior - 154 min film analysis


                                                Lost Highway "Reel Time Killer" film analysis by Rob Ager


                                                  The Shining - Native American genocide themes


                                                    Analysis of human characters in The Thing


                                                      Action scene psychology: Mad Max Road Warrior vs Fury Road