We believe every creator
should be able to earn a living
doing what they love.

Our story

In 2011, Pinterest designer Sahil Lavingia wanted to sell an icon he had made directly to his audience. But it was too difficult. Why setup a storefront? Just share a link–customers can click, pay, download. A weekend later, Gumroad was live.

A lot more has happened since then, but we won't bore you. If you're curious, you can read all about it on Medium.

By the numbers.

More than 43,331 creators have earned over $192M on Gumroad.

  • Education

    $68,659,829 earned by 9,228 creators
  • Books & Writing

    $58,967,934 earned by 14,725 creators
  • Apps & Software

    $47,814,920 earned by 5,127 creators
  • Film & Video

    $22,624,046 earned by 3,818 creators
  • Merchandise

    $16,644,588 earned by 3,611 creators
  • Music & Sound Design

    $13,948,290 earned by 3,671 creators
  • Design & Tech Products

    $3,196,709 earned by 516 creators
  • Drawing & Painting

    $1,964,094 earned by 908 creators
  • Photography

    $908,727 earned by 326 creators
  • Crafts & DIY

    $502,099 earned by 100 creators
  • Audio & Podcasts

    $415,050 earned by 66 creators
  • Sports

    $332,060 earned by 65 creators
  • Comics

    $326,741 earned by 361 creators
  • Food & Cooking

    $294,913 earned by 89 creators
  • Animation

    $251,016 earned by 193 creators
  • Games

    $181,798 earned by 176 creators
  • Comedy

    $13,018 earned by 11 creators
  • Dance & Theater

    $6,747 earned by 11 creators

One more thing...

We have a lot in common with our creators: we also earn a living by selling a product we love working on. But we are different from many other companies.

We're profitable.

We are focused on improving our product in a sustainable way. We even share our numbers, so that others can learn how to run a creator-focused business.

We donate a percentage of our profits to causes.

In 2018, we donated over $23,775 (eight percent of our profits) to different causes. We raised money for the hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico and the floods in Kerala. We helped fund the Presence-of-Blackness project in speculative fiction, and a Mexicanx publication.

We are not giving away equity.

We're not trying to sell the company. We just want to make Gumroad better. Without an exit in sight, we do something radical: we pay awesome people a fair rate to contribute to Gumroad on their own terms.

It's been a while since April 2011. But rest assured, we're just getting started. Want to follow along?

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