We believe every creator
should be able to earn a living
doing what they love.

Our story

In 2011, Pinterest designer Sahil Lavingia wanted to sell an icon he had made directly to his audience. But it was too difficult. Why setup a storefront? Just share a link–customers can click, pay, download. A weekend later, Gumroad was live.

A lot more has happened since then, but we won't bore you. If you're curious, you can read all about it on Sahil's website.

By the numbers.

More than 86,365 creators have earned over $437M on Gumroad.

  • Education

    $137,607,790 earned by 15,997 creators
  • Books & Writing

    $90,094,463 earned by 19,739 creators
  • Apps & Software

    $89,042,932 earned by 7,623 creators
  • Film & Video

    $36,577,830 earned by 5,517 creators
  • Merchandise

    $25,001,415 earned by 4,831 creators
  • Drawing & Painting

    $24,648,934 earned by 7,856 creators
  • Design & Tech Products

    $22,131,927 earned by 4,949 creators
  • Music & Sound Design

    $21,911,667 earned by 6,456 creators
  • Photography

    $16,329,371 earned by 3,451 creators
  • Games

    $6,112,388 earned by 2,317 creators
  • Podcasts & Audiobooks

    $5,879,127 earned by 497 creators
  • Comics

    $5,218,841 earned by 2,910 creators
  • Animation

    $5,160,305 earned by 1,977 creators
  • Sports

    $3,113,980 earned by 808 creators
  • Comedy

    $2,733,328 earned by 126 creators
  • Crafts & DIY

    $2,669,541 earned by 1,048 creators
  • Food & Cooking

    $2,448,361 earned by 677 creators
  • Dance & Theater

    $449,532 earned by 190 creators

One more thing...

We have a lot in common with our creators: we also earn a living doing what we love. But we are different from many other companies.

We're profitable.

We are focused on improving our product in a sustainable way. We even share our numbers, so that others can learn how to run a creator-focused business.

We work differently.

Today, working at Gumroad resembles working on an open source project like Rails. Except it’s neither open source, nor unpaid.

It's been a while since April 2011. But rest assured, we're just getting started. Want to follow along?

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