Gumroad vs Amazon KDP

Gumroad is the Amazon KDP alternative you've been searching for.

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Here's what you can do with Gumroad

Sell anything

With Gumroad you can sell anything you want, whether it's a digital file, physical products, or a membership.

Sell anywhere

You can either sell your products through your Gumroad profile or seamlessly on your website with our embed and overlay.

Price how you want

Sell in your local currency and choose between one-time, recurring or fixed length payments, or let your customers pay what they want.

Grow & engage your audience

With posts, email broadcasts, and advanced automation workflows you have all the tools to build a loyal following.

Connect to your current stack

Sell entirely on Gumroad, or integrate it into your current stack. With Zapier you can connect your Gumroad account to thousands of apps you already use.

Don't sweat VAT and sales tax

For digital products, Gumroad collects VAT as required and remits it to the EU. You won't need to fill out any forms, register for anything, or send anything out.

Here's how Gumroad compares to Amazon KDP

Gumroad LogoGumroad logo wordmark.
Amazon KDP
per month
per month
Transaction Fees
2.9% to 9%
+30¢ on each transaction
35% to 70%
(Royalties on eBooks)
Remits GST & VAT
Digital Downloads
Email Customers
Affiliate Program
*Note: information may change without notice.

Join 100,000+ others who use Gumroad to make a living online.

"Gumroad has been essential to my journey as an entrepreneur. It has streamlined so many of the day-to-day operations, freeing me up to focus on creating content for our wonderful community."
"Gumroad has allowed me to make a real living selling my products, but more than that, they're heavily involved in the creator's success. You really feel Gumroad's involvement with the internet community and their responsiveness to issues is unparalleled."
"Gumroad is such a simple (yet powerful) tool for creators. Gumroad made it so easy for me to set up my store and make my first online sale. And now, thousands of customers later, I really appreciate the power of Gumroad's tools (the Licensing API, Affiliate Support, Email Communications) and the responsiveness of their support staff. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Frequently asked questions

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What Can I Sell on Gumroad?

Digital Products, Physical Products and Memberships - almost anything! Creators in just about every industry use (and love) Gumroad, from digital artists, writers, musicians and other creative-types to business-minded entrepreneurs and tech gurus like our SaaS creators. A better question is, "what can’t you sell on Gumroad?"

Here's what you can't sell on Gumroad

How Do I Get Started?

Create an account, then follow the easy steps to get your product live 🙂

We recommend starting with our Creatorpedia, it helps new creators get to know Gumroad.

View the Creatorpedia

How Do I Get Paid?

Gumroad’s goal is to help creators make a living doing what they love, so we make it as simple as possible to get paid. How we pay creators, whether through direct deposit or PayPal, varies by country.

Read the break down of our payment terms

What Are The Fees?

Unlike other platforms, Gumroad doesn't charge you a monthly fee.

Instead, our fees are deducted as a small percentage of every sale, so we only make money when you do.

And the best part? You'll pay less as you grow.

Starting out we take 9% + 30¢ per transaction. Once you reach $1,000 in lifetime sales that percentage will drop to 7% + 30¢. At $10,000, it'll drop to 5% and so on all the way down to 2.9% + 30¢.

Paypal fees

For sales using Paypal, the fee structure is slightly different. The fees starts at 7% + Paypal's fee (2.5%+), then drops to 5% + Paypal's fee after you earn $1,000, 3% after $10,000, 1% after $100,000 and goes to 0.9% after $1,000,000.

Learn more about our fees

Can I Use Gumroad for Memberships?

Yes! Whether it’s for a podcast, online course, or SaaS subscriptions, Gumroad makes it easy to manage memberships.

Learn more about creating and customizing memberships