Play Candy Crush Saga and Experience Its Full Potential in Your Browser

The legendary puzzle game called Candy Crus Saga enables you to swipe and match the puzzle pieces together to make chains of colored candies that will go pop on your screen. Candy Crush Saga on the delicious adventure to finish a huge selection of puzzles and move from one level to another in a candy-filled way. There are many ways to enjoy the numerous tasty servings of fun and good times in the sweetest and most well-known puzzle-matching game.

• Get Ready To Face Sugar-Coated Challenges

Given that it has a very simplepremise, all you need to do is match those similar candies in threes or more and they'll eventually blast out in the board. Continue doing so to until you have made all the pairs and you reached your goal while earning up to 3 stars each level. Earn boosters when you match more than three candies and they are really useful when you get stuck in difficult puzzles. When Candy Crush Saga have to face sugar-coated challenges and chocolatey obstacles, you'll find instances when your patience and strategy will likely be tested. You'll find new goals to attain as you go to higher levels and you will find certain obstacles which will make it hard for you to make matches or pairs because of blockages, such as chocolates, jellies, sugar crystals, and pretzels. In some instances, you'll find time limits or limited moves so you will need to think and act quickly to avoid losing any of your lives.

• Use Boosters To Beat Difficult Levels

As talked about, boosters could be earned by matching more than 3 similar candies produce combos and they come in several varieties. These include Lollipop Hammer, Striped/Wrapped Boosters, Color Bombs, Jelly Fish, Sweet Teeth, and many others like those that can provide you with free switch, extra moves, and added time. They can be swapped with other boosters to create a more crushing impact on the remaining candies you've got on the board. If you don’t have them, you can start playing a level by buying them or you can simply wait for them as your rewards in the daily challenges and quests.

• Play With Your Friends

Be sure to sync your online account with Facebook to save your progress and avoid losing your game even if you have to switch from one device to another. It is good to have more challenges and you can play with your pals or compete with other players to see who gets to rank higher and performs better. Level up in the game by outdoing your pals to remain on top of the leaderboard. Your game will be updated as soon as you go back online even if you need to play offline.

• More Levels Are Added Regularly

There are already a huge number of levels since it was introduced a decade ago and nobody knows how many levels it really has. Millions of its players will have more sweet adventures to conquer as more stages are added regularly every two weeks. Make certain to watch out for the updates because you will be craving for more once you started with a couple of sugar fixes. Download Candy Crush extension and enjoy playing the game in your favorite browser as you wait for new levels and features coming your way.