Neuroplasticity… Temporary states

We learn to talk, then walk, ride a bike, hit a tennis ball, baseball, soccer ball, how to create a resume, how to create a better resume, how to do Sudoku. Our brains literally are re-wired every single time we learn something new. It has been proven that every day we have a slightly new experience, our brains are re-wired. Brains don’t stop. Brains do like consistency. Brains like to make troughs and habits and ruts, but they are such wonderful literal creatures that they will follow repeated instructions as long as they don’t have a file that says, “That’s potentially dangerous” to an existing belief, trough, rut. Brains need reassurance and talking down off of their ledges, or out from under the bed. Neuroplasticity, the ability to change, evolve, learn has been shown to last throughout old age, although re-wiring can be a bit more challenging, like Ebenezer Scrooge, change is forever possible.