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Motherboard technology

The motherboard technology is changing rapidly. Each day, new devices are manufactured that utilize more advanced motherboard technology. If you're looking for the newest and greatest in computer motherboards, look to Asus. Asus is a company known for producing some of the most innovative and high-performing computers on the market today.

It started with a motherboard called Celeron. This was soon followed by a chipset called PLL which is still used in many current motherboards. However, the chipset is just one part of the picture. The next step up in motherboard technology was introduced with the introduction of the Socket Ridge architecture. This upgrade to motherboards enabled new levels of performance and enhanced connectivity.

When chipset advancements were finished, motherboard technology moved on to the AGP slot. The chip that connecting the motherboard to the rest of the PC was commonly known as an AGP. Improvements to the motherboard chipset allowed for the addition of several extra features. Then, SATA took the stage and brought faster hard drive speeds and data storage. SATA's successor is currently referred to as SATA Express. Faster hard drives and an improved interface enabled SATA Express to be quickly replaced by SATA Express in most of today's top of the line computers.


Compatibility with additional computer peripherals such as printers and graphics cards is another significant feature of modern motherboards. Most motherboard chipsets are designed with the intention of transporting a broad range of external devices. However, sometimes motherboards will need to rely on more specialized components. With today's more efficient chipsets, it's possible to purchase motherboards that are not only capable of supporting standard external devices, but are actually designed to work seamlessly with popular computer peripherals like printers and graphics cards.

There are even more developments in motherboard technology. motherboard technology has certainly come a long way from the traditional ATX form factor, though. New forms of motherboards have integrated electronic components (EEPROM or flash memory cards) that can be accessed through the CPU's PCI slot. This allows for the expansion of computer peripherals without the use of extra slots on the motherboard. Another advantage to this type of motherboard is the compatibility of existing hardware with new EEPROM memory modules.


The development of the USB-C port is another example of advancing motherboard technology. Originally developed for use with mobile devices, the USB-C port has since grown to be widely used in desktop computers. As a result, it's important for motherboard technology to be capable of supporting the transfer of files between USB devices. A high speed USB-C connector is capable of transferring a massive amount of data, much more so than the slower 10 gig interface provided by traditional USB ports. As a result, it is critical that new motherboards are capable of simultaneously running both 10 gigs and USB-C devices at the same time.

MMIO or multi-media interface technology is also expanding to incorporate external ports and digital audio interfaces. It is capable of transmitting high-resolution audio from a digital camera directly to a host PC or host computer through the motherboard's USB port. MMIO motherboards are usually incorporated with a chipset that provides hardware support for multimedia interface technology.

Chip Set

Finally, a new type of chipset called AMD Jaguar has been developed for laptops. Unlike the Intel CPU's Haswell architecture, which controls all of the central processing unit (CPU) cores, the new Jaguar core controls the resources controlled by the Graphics Card. Due to the Graphics Card's tremendous power draw, it is crucial that new motherboards using the AMD chipset be able to effectively interface with the Graphics card to maximize performance. It is clear that motherboard technology will continue to evolve into a tighter integration of electronic components.

Asus Motherboard

When shopping for an Asus motherboard You have a lot of options to choose from. There are many different types of Asus motherboards and each one is loaded with features that will make your laptop or desktop experience better than it ever has been before. Asus motherboards are known to be very dependable and sturdy. Not only do they last the test of time, but they also can give you a computer system that runs like new all the time.

One of the most popular Asus motherboards out there are there models that are powered by the Se Cirque processing engine. This processor is a monster. It can do many things that regular motherboards can't even dream of doing. It's powerful enough to run multiple programs at the same time, and will speed up your computer in just about every way possible. If you're looking for a motherboard that can take care of all of the work that your computer is going to be doing, this is the one to get.

Another thing that you will like about this type of Asus motherboard is that it has everything you could possibly want out of a fan. It has plenty of fans built in that will keep your system well ventilated so it can breathe. If you like to use your computer at top capacity all the time, and aren't afraid to crank up the heat, this is the motherboard for you. No more having to purchase expensive cooling fans. All you need are running a program and you will have a nice room to cool down in.

Asus motherboards are known for having lots of ports on them. You can plug in several different devices at the same time without any problems at all. For example, you can plug in a scanner, a keyboard, and a mouse at the same time without any problems whatsoever. This makes for very easy mobility, and no problems doing it. These motherboards are very popular because they have all of these things available.

Asus motherboards are well known for their extreme noise reduction capabilities. When you plug in an item, it will be quiet and won't make any sort of ruckus. No more loud screeching sounds that will keep you from being able to work properly. Even when you use multiple items, it will all stay quiet, as it will all be protected by Asus technology.

Asus motherboards are a great choice for anyone who has a lot going on in his or her life. The lack of clutter that is created will allow people to have more room to multitask and learn better skills. They offer features that others will never have the opportunity to find. Asus is leading the way with these sorts of things. With Asus, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best and the best of technology.


Recently, an Asus laptop was spoiled by hackers. The Asus G531 series motherboard had to be recalled along with all other Asus models. A few weeks ago the Asus computer company acknowledged the problem with an official recall notice posted on their official website. The reason for this recall is due to the discovery of a motherboard component in a handful of laptops that were sold containing a design flaw that could enable readers to overclock the device to gain illegal overclocking benefits.

Overclocking is one of the top trends in the world of computing today. It has become so popular because it allows consumers the ability to increase performance and achieve increased stability. If you're wondering what happens when you overclock your computer; imagine having the ability to run a different operating system in your laptop than what is installed on your desktop. In addition to that, some computers are limited by their PCI-E slots. By unlocking your motherboard you will have full access to all the performance and features your desktop computer might have. For those who are new to overclocking, the Asus G531 series motherboard is the one for you.

The G531 series motherboard is manufactured by Asus and is compatible with the company's other products such as the Deluxe, CXI, and SGH models. The motherboards in the G531 series are made out of a refined copper plate, which gives them a fine finish for use in the most demanding circumstances. All of the G531 series motherboards come standard with eight USB ports, one of them with two USB ports simultaneously, one port for video, and one port for connecting the motherboard directly into a computer or an external monitor. Even the largest Asus computers tend to not use all of the eight USB ports available on the motherboard.

Asus has yet another solid offering in the form of the G5S motherboard. This model is equipped with two USB ports, two more USB ports, and a Firewire port that allows connection of even high-speed wireless devices like a wireless modem or a network card. Another interesting addition is the M.2 slot for connecting the G5S to a PC. M.2 cards are relatively new on the market and have a reputation for being faster and more durable than standard SATA units. They also fit into systems that use a tiny motherboard space better than typical SATA cards.

Asus has not forgotten those who want to cool off. There is the Cooltec cooling fan included with each of these models. You can overclock your G5S motherboard to a point where it will work fine for graphics card use. And the integrated cooler on the front of each of these cards does a fine job keeping the temperatures low. When you overclock your Asus motherboard, you will notice significant improvements in your system's performance.

All Asus motherboards are well built and come with warranties for five years or so. But if you want something with a little more style, there is the asus-rog-strix-scar-iii series for you. It has a full aluminum heatsink which is surrounded by an aluminum plate. This heat sink dissipates heat efficiently and keeps your computer from overheating. It also has an aluminum side-wall plate, which Asus claims helps dissipate some of the heat. If you want something with even more flair, then get the G5SQQ Series

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