How to remove popcorn ceiling

Ceiling with orange peel texture became popular in the last century. But people don’t like it anymore. Smooth ceilings are a hit now, they associate with high-aesthetic. Also clean-lined design does not collect dust and allergens. Another reason to remove your popcorn ceiling is white asbestos fibers that were very popular in mid-1970 for creating the texture.

Before you start with removal test for asbestos. With a positive you should hire a professional licensed crew to remove it for your safety. Sometimes it's safer to cover the ceiling with drywall. If the test result is negative, you can get rid of acoustic (another name for that texture) ceiling in two ways.

First way is little bit longer but guaranties you an adventure and an interesting experience. The results could be vary.

Check your tools. You'll need a ladder, painter's tape, a dust mask, drywall taping knife, drop cloths, and safety goggles. Don't forget to cover walls and floors to protect them from the dirt and dust. Put on some old clothes you can throw out later. Ideally, it's better to remove the furniture from the room. Use plastic sheeting for cover (plenty of them you can find in a dollar store) and painter's tape to attach sheeting to walls and furniture (don't forget to cover any vents and electrical outlets).

Once everything is covered, scrape away the orange peel texture. The scraping could be dry or wet (in that case just spray it with water and let it absorb, be careful, too much water could cause damage). Scrape with a knife we mentioned above to remove all the texture.

After that you need to sand and prime and add a fresh coat of paint to get a nice smooth result.

Another way guaranties the good result but could be more expensive.

You could find a professional company with reasonable prices and good reputation. At we have fixed hundreds of popcorn ceilings with excellent results. Hiring a reputable company will give you piece of mind and good looking ceilings.