Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

When it comes to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners, it seems reasonable for them to encourage business owners to purchase Microsoft Business Solutions. However, being on the other side, you must seek more closure as to why you should invest in this program. Thus, we will discuss here the various benefits that you can expect to get from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field service:

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service:

1. Work orders: you can manage work orders with this segment of Microsoft business solutions and thereby define the service work require at the customer location.

2. Scheduling and dispatch: with the functionalities of this system, you can schedule and dispatch tools that helps to manage resources, and equipment’s. These resources are important for the customer service, visualizing onsite appointments, optimizing service schedules etc.

3. Communication: a business includes service agents, dispatchers, technicians, customers and various other human resources. They own their own system and to communicate with them the tools of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Automation comes handy.

4. Mobile application: the mobile application for Microsoft Dynamics field operation is user friendly and has a familiar interface. Any member of the team including technicians can, thereby, access the data and use the guidelines to schedule changes, monitor service work etc.

5. Asset management: as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner would tell you, the Field Service tools would bring you capabilities that help to keep track of your assets, customer equipment and service history.

6. Preventive measures: with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service automation you can generate your routine maintenance appointment for equipments, automatically and opt for preventive maintenance.

7. Purchasing, return and inventory: The Field Service module of Microsoft Business Solutions serves you with efficient tools to manage inventories, stocks, purchase orders, return requests etc.

8. Billing: when operating business you deliver products and to a lot of customers. That makes a lot of billing requirements. With Dynamics 365 Field service automation, you can generate invoices.

9. Time tracking: with the time tracking capability, you can manage projects better and track resources and their state of action. You can check if they are traveling or stationary or working.

10. Reporting: this Microsoft Business Solution comes with analytics for reporting which helps the users to manage work orders, schedule activities and interact with customers.

These are just the briefs to much detailed services that are offered by the business solution. Along with this, when you hire an implementation partner, you ensure that you maximize the utility of these features. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners work as learned consultants and guides to help their clients grab every business opportunity and that they are up to date with all the latest trends and changes in the market. Thus, it can be concluded that it’s in your company’s best interest to get Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service implemented.


This article illustrates the various benefits that Microsoft Dynamics for Field Service offers its clients. It encourages the industry professionals to boost their system with it various functionalities.

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