Top Mattress FAQs: How Thick Do You Need You Mattress Should Be?

Whether you are an athlete or non-athlete, choosing the right mattress is quite confusing, especially when you have to find the mattress with its firmness and thickness that fits you well.

The level of comfort that any mattress has is subjective to the thickness and firmness of the mattress, and the sleeper’s body weight and preferences. But how thick and firm should your mattress be? To have an additional idea of which mattress should you choose here are the top FAQs about the mattress’s thickness:

#1: How do you choose a mattress according to thickness and firmness?

There are factors to consider when choosing a mattress built with the right thickness and firmness.

Firstly, you should understand more about the different mattresses according to their thickness. Check this list of how mattresses are grouped according to their thickness:

  • Mattresses that are 2 – 5 inches thick are known as low profile mattresses.
  • Mattresses that are 5 – 8 inches thick are known as slim mattresses.
  • Standard mattresses are 8 -12 thick.
  • Mattresses that are 12 – 16 inches thick have deep, thick, and tall layers.
  • Mattresses that are 16 inches and more are considered extra thick, extra tall, and extra-deep mattresses.

Secondly, you should know the two main mattress layers – the comfort layer and the base layer.

The comfort layer is the top layer of the mattress. Usually, it is filled with cotton, wool, foam, latex, or memory foam. Typically, a good mattress is designed with 2 – 3 thick comfort layers, giving enough cushioning and support.

The base layer, on the other hand, is the foundation layer. The thickness of the foundation layer determines the durability of the mattress. For instance, if you are planning to purchase a 16-inch mattress, choose one with its base layer that runs at 8-10 inches.

Thirdly, look for a mattress that gives you great body support and a comfortable night of sleep, determined by the body weight.

  • Sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds should look for a mattress 12 inches tall or even thicker. Thick mattresses will respond well to lightweight sleepers, providing adequate body support.
  • Sleepers weighing between 130 – 230 pounds should consider a 10 – 12 inches thick mattress. However, when choosing the right mattress's firmness and thickness, you should also consider sleeping positions. For instance;

a. Side-sleepers should consider a 12 – 14 inches thick mattress for shoulder and hip cushion.

b.Back sleepers need a 10 – 12 inches thick mattress for better spinal support.

c. Stomach sleepers should consider a mattress that is 10-inches thick for better abdominal support and reduce the risks of spinal misalignment.

d. Combination sleepers should get a 12-inches thick mattress for a balanced sleeping environment between a firm and soft mattress.

  • Sleepers weighing 230 and above should opt for a mattress between 12 – 14 inches thick; this provides great body support to plus-size individuals, preventing the sleeper to sink into the mattress.

#2: Is it best to have a thicker mattress?

Depending on your body weight and sleeping preferences, you need to look for a mattress that provides better comfort and body support. Also, look for a mattress that provides extra-cushioning, especially if you are a side sleeper. And for athletes, you should choose a mattress that provides adequate support on the pressure spots (shoulders, back, hips, and arms); you should learn more here

#3: Are all thicker mattresses expensive?

The price of the mattress depends on its construction and the materials used. Typically, quality mattresses are quite costly. Fortunately, some top sellers and manufacturers offer a trial period of a maximum of 120 days. You should check it out.