Sympathy Gifts for Friends

Grief is an experience that everyone will go through at some stage in their life. Grief due to loss of a loved one, breakup or even loss of job. When a friend is grieving, there are different ways to comfort him. Besides being there for your friend and lending him a listening ear, you can offer him practical assistance. Some of the practical assistance includes buying groceries for him, preparing meals for him, or helping him buy meals.

Besides offering your time and support, you may consider giving him a sympathy gift. Giving a sympathy gift can provide him with some solace. This is because the gift is a great way to convey your condolence and support to your friend.

There are various sympathy gifts for you to choose, from a gift that helps your friend remember his loved one to a gift that helps him cope with the different stages of his grieving process. You will be able to find sympathy gift ideas here.


Flowers are traditional sympathy gifts to calm your friend and show your care and concern for him. This symbol of love lights up his darkest period and provides some comfort in his home.

Books of Comfort

Books provide a great companion for all occasions and at all time. Giving him a book is an ideal way to provide him with comfort. The words of comfort found in the book express your condolences to him.

Personalized Photo Frame

A picture says a thousand words and brings back fond memories every time you see the photo. A sympathy gift of a photo frame personalized with the loved one’s portrait and words of comfort is a great way in remembrance of your friend’s loved one.

Keepsake Box

Provide consolation to your friend with a keepsake box personalized with your message of condolence. This gift is practical too as he can keep items relating to his demise loved one. He can keep photos, ornaments and other valuable items that helps him keep memories of his demise loved one alive.

Memorial Jewelry

Provide support and solace to your friend with this memorial jewelry gift. A jewelry engraved with your message of remembrance helps your friend remember the loved one forever. There are various forms of jewelry such as necklace or bracelet.

The above sympathy gift ideas help to show your support for your friend during his trying period of sorrow.