Announcing Creator School: Learn Live from the Best Creators in the World

We’re bringing the best creators in the world to teach live, interactive, hour-long classes on everything from finding your first ten customers to building a community.

We’re calling it Creator School.

It’s a daily curriculum, live on Clubhouse, starting March 1st. Each class will come with supplemental content emailed and available in our online community. Join to get feedback from other creators and stay accountable.

Join us in the Gumroad club on Clubhouse for Week One, with special guests on the following topics:

  • Monday, March 1st (9am PST): Li Jin, former partner at a16z and founder of Atelier Ventures, will breakdown the Creator Economy and give practical examples of what the best companies and creators are doing to stand out;
  • Tuesday, March 2nd (9am PST): Rosie Sherry, Head of Community at Indie Hackers, will relay lessons she’s learned from being one of the most dynamic community builders on the internet;
  • Wednesday, March 3rd (9am PST): Anna Gát, founder of Interintellect, will teach you how to find your community through experimentation and your authentic voice;
  • Thursday, March 4 (9am PST): Jason Fried, co-founder of Basecamp, will go deep on the topic of solving your own problems;
  • Friday, March 5th (9am PST): Saron Yitbarek, founder of CodeNewbies, will narrow in on finding your first customer.

In the meantime, join our online community to get access to supplemental course materials/assignments, as well as summaries of classes you weren’t able to attend live.

See you there!

The Gumroad Team

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