Join the Build Your Audience Challenge in February

Ready to make 2021 your best Gumroad year ever?

We know what's holding you back...

A larger audience.

Building an audience can be tough. It's difficult to know what works and if you need a lead magnet or a content calendar. Sometimes it can be pretty daunting.

But we've got you covered.

On February 3rd, Gumroad will be running the Build Your Audience Challenge for our creators. 

We'll go through the new Build Your Audience guide together and work closely in the Circle community. At the end of the challenge, you'll be well on your way to an engaged audience that purchases your content.

Sign up here and you'll be on the list to receive the free guide, access to Circle, and the daily emails to keep you on track.

Talk soon,

- Gumroad Team

P.S. If you're not on Circle yet, we'll send out the invite again on Wednesday. You can also join a little early by clicking here.

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