The 14 Day Product Challenge Begins Monday!

Are you ready to quit your 9-5 and become a full-time Gumroad creator in 2021?

On March 8th, we're starting the next 14 Day Product Challenge. In two weeks, you'll graduate from the challenge with a new product launched on Gumroad.

What's new?

  • Even more 1-1 focus on creators in Circle. We’ll be working with you through Circle and you’ll be able to meet other creators that will keep you accountable.
  • Updated product materials.
  • An updated product guide with all of the information you need for the challenge.

You'll get access to everything now and we’ll start on Monday! We're also running this challenge entirely on Circle so make sure you use the invite link to get access early. You can download the product guide here.

Are you in?

Hope to see you in Circle,


Get the Challenge Guide