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Japan Professional Football League (Japan Professional Football League, Japan Professional Football League), the Japan of the professional soccer league.

The organizers are the Japan Football Association (JFA) and the Japan Professional Football League. The governing body is each club that belongs to the J League. To join, you need a club license that is valid only for a single year corresponding to the participating category.

It started with 10 clubs in 1993, and until 1998 it was held by up to 18 clubs as a "J League" with only one division. From 1999, the two-part system of "J League Division 1" (currently J1 League) and "J League Division 2" (currently J2 League) was transferred, and "J3 League" (J3) was established in 2014. Shifted to a three-part system. The J3 League is positioned as the same rank as the Japan Football League (JFL), which is the highest peak of amateurs in the league structure of Japanese soccer, and J1, J2 and J3 are differentiated in various points such as league emblem and participation requirements. ..

As of the start of the 2020 season, 56 clubs (J1: 18, J2: 22, J3: 16) based in 38 prefectures in Japan have entered, and the J League 100 years belonging to categories such as JFL. Ten concept clubs have been certified. For the league structure, refer to the Japanese soccer league structure (1 type).

The top three clubs in the J1 League's final ranking of the year will be entitled to participate in the AFC Champions League (ACL) the following year, along with the club that won the Emperor's Cup JFA All Japan Soccer Championship in the same year (the top three J1 clubs and the club that won the Emperor's Cup). If they overlap, J1's 4th place will also participate).

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Players who scored double digits in the 2020 J-League

This time, we would like to introduce the players who scored double digits in the J-League last season and who have just transferred off.

Of the strikers who scored double digits in J1, two decided to challenge with a new J-League team. Leandro Pereira and Junior Santos are both foreign nationals FW. All of them are goal getters who can serve as one of the top players, and they have the same height, speed, goodness, and triple time, so they are easy to use as commanders. Further "score mass production" is expected in the new world.

In J2 of last season, leaving the result of double-digit scoring, new players hit the door of the J1 this season, Disaro chan Silvano, Kato Rikuji trees, Tono DaiWataru 3 people. What they all have in common is that they are promising attackers who made a break with sudden results last season, which was the "J2 first challenge". How far will the bottomless potential bloom? I would like to expect them to shine in J1.

In addition, Taniguchi Kaito , Take颯 also on whether the name FW, which has continued to leave the results in the J3, such as is leave a year to number up to where the "J2 first challenge", but the same attention.