What are the benefits of getting prescription drugs from your doctor and pharmacy?

Prescription drugs that you get through your doctor and pharmacy are reliable. Doctor and pharmacy are also the only ones allowed to prescribe and dispense prescription drugs. You will also receive medical assistance. Furthermore, the health insurance company only reimburses medicines from a legal pharmacy.

Your doctor and pharmacy will provide you with the correct care. They will provide medical assistance. Your doctor can determine which medicine works best. He can monitor you for side effects from the drug.

The pharmacist checks whether the medicines are safe for you and whether they have sufficient effect. The pharmacist will advise you on the use of the medicines. He also tells you what the risks of the drug are.

Medical assistance without drugs

Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice, as you may not need to take any medication at all. General practitioners and pharmacists see many questions and complaints every day. This allows them to come up with solutions that you may not think about yourself.

You will also not find personal advice or a listening ear online from the providers of fake medicines.

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Many seniors use different drugs at the same time. Maybe you are one of them. If you use medicines properly, they can make your life a lot more pleasant. But drugs can also have drawbacks. The more medications you take, the more likely you are to experience those drawbacks. And the more difficult it is to use the drugs correctly.

As people get older, the body changes in a number of ways. We all know that. What we think too little about is that these changes affect your medication use. The body will react differently to it. For example, because the kidneys work more slowly, certain medicines disappear more slowly from the blood. They therefore work longer and that is not always necessary.

With age, the brain is also more sensitive to the action of certain medicines, especially in combination with the use of (too much) alcohol. This can make you sleepy or dizzy.

Elderly and chronic diseases

Unfortunately, as we get older, we more often suffer from one or more chronic physical conditions. If so, you usually have to take medication. Often long-term and in combination with other medicines. The side effects of a particular drug can sometimes make other ailments worse.

In some elderly people, forgetfulness also takes on chronic forms in a number of cases. This creates the risk that these elderly people will be less able to comply with the prescriptions for the use of medicines. Are you taking sleeping pills and / or sedatives? These relax muscles and reduce responsiveness, increasing your risk of falling when you get out of bed at night. You must also take this into account in traffic.

Health insurance reimburses medicines from legal pharmacies

For many prescription medications you are covered by your health insurance. This means that you will be reimbursed for the medicines. If you buy prescription medication online without a prescription, you will not be reimbursed for it.